An Easy Way to Satisfy Spring Cravings

Published by Bucks Country Gardens in Plants

This year, spring can’t come soon enough…or fast enough for that matter. I’m not even going to think about being cold or that it snows every other day anymore. I’m over it…just like everyone else. Instead, I’m moving on to greener and “warmer” pastures. I’m ready to enjoy the outdoors again. I’m ready to see brightly colored flowers planted everywhere. So, until Mother Nature decides to be on the same page as the rest of us, why not bring the outdoors IN?

I find that tropical foliage and flowering plants are such an easy way to brighten up the inside of my home and office. Not only do they provide that much needed color or greenery, but they are also great for the mind, body and soul. It’s nice to see something alive, especially during the long winter months. The following houseplants are sure to satisfy your “green” craving and brighten up your living space.

Orchids are one of my favorite flowering houseplants in the Greenhouse. They are just beautiful…It’s hard for me not to buy one or two in every color! Their simple elegance and tranquil beauty are guaranteed to enhance any room décor. If you can provide them with a few basic requirements, you will be rewarded with weeks, even months, of beautiful blooms. They come in several variations of colors and sizes, making them perfect to decorate a coffee table or bookshelf in any room. I would definitely recommend an orchid as a treat to yourself or someone special.

Other great flowering houseplants are African Violets and Primrose. Violets are one of those tried and true houseplants sure to bloom every year. Their wide range of jewel-toned colors and markings make them a popular choice in the greenhouse. They easily multiply over the years. So, share them with friends to brighten up their long winter days. You’ll even find adorable miniature violets in our greenhouse, too!  Primrose is another great flowering plant; and to me nothing says spring is on the way like their arrival. These cute little plants are the perfect pick-me-up. Bright and cheery…you can’t go wrong.

Above I mentioned plants that provide color with their flowers, but Rex Begonias are mostly grown for their colorful foliage. What makes them so interesting is their unique color patterns and texture. You can find them in shades of green, red, silver, and even purple. The leaves almost look painted on, with all the different markings and variations on the plant. They are sure to attract some attention. So, place them front and center on your coffee table or shelf. If you prefer a green foliage plant, Dracaenas and Ferns are two great choices to brighten up your living area.

I love spending time in our Greenhouse–it is stocked with floor plants, hanging baskets, and everything in between. So, hopefully sooner rather than later, we will all be moving our inside plants OUT. Stop in and visit the Greenhouse now and take 20% OFF any pot or container with a purchase of a houseplant (sale ends Feb 28!).

Becky Jones | Green Goods Manager