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Top 5 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2016

It’s the middle of January and there isn’t much to do in the garden but daydream about all of things you hope to accomplish in the spring. In the coming weeks, we’ll share lots of blog posts that’ll inspire you to get your garden and outdoor spaces ready to be enjoyed. We’ll also introduce you to new, must-have product lines for you and your home, a “What to Do This Month in the Garden” calendar plus design and decorating tips, […]

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Low Light Houseplants :: A Short (but awesome!) Guide

Over the years, the most frequent question I hear in our greenhouse is “Which plants will grow without any light?” Of course, no houseplant will grow in the dark; but if you have north facing windows or rooms with no direct light there are a number of low light houseplants that might do nicely. I have listed a few common ones below, but if you have additional questions or need more choices, please do not hesitate to contact use in […]

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We Need Birds & Birds Need Us

I never really knew the importance of feeding wild birds until I worked at Bucks Country Gardens. Growing up in the mountains, I would always see the pretty birds and admire them from afar; but with that being said, it’s equally as important to take the steps to keep them around as it is to watching them swirl and twirl in the air. The most important time to take extra care of nature’s feathered friends is during the winter months. […]

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