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Hydrangea Pruning & Care

Not all hydrangeas are created the same; therefore, in order to prune your hydrangea, first you must know exactly what type of hydrangea you have. Each type of hydrangea requires specific care. Improper site location and untimely pruning are the top reasons for a flowering problem. Generally speaking, if you are having blooming problems, there are a few common factors that all hydrangea gardeners should be aware of. Hydrangeas like rich, moist soil. They need to be watered generously, especially […]

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Mulch To-Do

Now is the time your annuals are in and new gardens and outdoor spaces are designed and installed, so your beds need to be cleaned and mulched. Mulching not only protects your garden and insulates your soil, but it is aesthetically pleasing. Doing your own maintenance and clean up may seem scary, but it is not as difficult as it seems. Mulching can be beneficial to the health and size of your plants and can be very rewarding if done […]

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Planting 101 – VLOG

That’s right. Bucks Country Gardens is doing its first VLOG (video blog)! The planting bug is contagious. We were itching to start planting our trees, perennials, and shrubs. But, with a little guidance, planting can be a breeze. Planting 101 will layout the essential steps for planting success. Enjoy! Let’s Dig In! Before you begin you want to make sure you have the correct materials. We put together a list of supplies that will help in the planting process. Recommended […]

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