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What’s the Buzz? Pollinator Week 2017

It’s time to have a talk about the birds and bees… pollinators that is. In 2006, the US Senate officially set aside time to observe and recognize the importance of pollinators. That reorganization has grown into National Pollinator Week (June 19 – 25, 2017), where volunteers across the US celebrate and learn about how to protect pollinators by planting gardens, helping scientists study pollinators, and learning about actions to take at home to promote healthy pollinator populations. Bucks Country Gardens […]

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What’s the Difference? Salvia, Russian Sage, & Veronica

Beautiful sprouting stems, green foliage, and pink to purple blossoms – at first glance, Salvia, Russian Sage, and Veronica look identical. But, at closer look, you can see they are quite different. There are many factors to identifying plants – flowers, bloom time, foliage, branching habits, size, and growth. Each plant has specific characteristics, care, and use! In this blog, we describe the differences between these gorgeous perennials. Salvia (aka Meadow Sage) Flowers: Salvia and Veronica are similar in color, […]

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Garden Calendar Series – June/July/August

Having a Garden Calendar is a must! Every month there are new garden “to do’s.” As summer approaches, there is still much to do in the garden. It is the time to reap the benefits of your edible gardens and enjoy the full blooming wonders of your landscape. We put together a calendar of some of the most common garden “to do’s” for June, July, and August, to keep you organized and on track! June Spring is just about over […]

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