Sit Down and Stay Awhile – Front Porch Ideas You’ll Love

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It is the space at home where we sit and relax with a good book, enjoy a small meal or a snack, converse with family, friends, and neighbors, or welcome visitors to our home. It is our front porch. Front porches are almost uniquely American and were a necessity before air conditioning as a place […]

Size Does Not Matter: Outdoor Furniture & Décor for Small Spaces

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Many families and couples are downsizing their homes to travel or save money. But just because your home is small, does not mean you can’t fit elegant furniture or big decorating dreams in a petite place. Tiny Space & Full-Size Dreams It may be hard to move into a small space, but it is easy […]

A Few of Our Favorite… Recipes!

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Nothing says the holidays like the smell of grandma’s apple pie baking perfectly in the oven as family gathers to celebrate the festivities. Nothing like a turkey on thanksgiving, if you want to cook it easy get the Top 9 Best Electric Roasters for Turkey in 2017. The holidays are all about traditions: from the […]

Meet the Designers :: Creating Holiday Magic

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Christmas is such a magical time of the year at Bucks Country Gardens. The tinsel that hangs from the doorways, the garland that drapes across the mantle, the lights that twinkle in the reflection of glass ornaments, and even the gifts under the tree would not be possible without the vision and talent of our […]

Thrillers, Fillers, & Spillers – Oh My! A How-To For Fall Planters

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Autumn is an exciting time—especially to fall fanatics. They embrace the shorter days, chillier mornings, and vibrant fall colors. Although the warmth of summer still lingers during the day, the cooler temperature is hiding right around the corner. So, welcome the change in the air and get into the fall spirit. Swap out that summer […]