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Garden Calendar Series – June/July/August

Having a Garden Calendar is a must! Every month there are new garden “to do’s.” As summer approaches, there is still much to do in the garden. It is the time to reap the benefits of your edible gardens and enjoy the full blooming wonders of your landscape. We put together a calendar of some of the most common garden “to do’s” for June, July, and August, to keep you organized and on track! June Spring is just about over […]

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How-To Keep Your Boxwoods Happy & Healthy

Plants can get pests and some are more susceptible than others. There is no need to give up though, because pests are easy to treat, especially when you are proactive in monitoring your plants. Boxwood pests are very common. Here we will focus on the Boxwood shrubs (commonly used in Pennsylvania landscaping) and how to keep them happy and healthy. All About Boxwoods In a casual or formal setting, Boxwoods are always great for adorning your landscape because of their […]

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What Edibles We Plant & Why: The Dirt On Our Employees’ Gardens

When my children were small, we had a vegetable plot in a community garden. We planted tomatoes, peppers, string beans, lettuce, and some herbs. The kids picked all the ripe, sun-warmed cherry tomatoes and popped them in their mouths and helped pull weeds. After the chores were done, we loved to wander around other gardeners’ vegetable plots to see what they were growing. Checking out other’s gardens is what gardeners do. It inspires us! One morning in early Spring this […]

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