Fragrances make any season memorable!

Bucks Country Gardens offers an assortment of lotions, bath salts, body wash, fragrances for the bathroom, bug sprays, and therapy creams. After working hard in the garden, it is time to pamper yourself. Looking for a gift? Ask one of our lifestyle designers to create a sweet little package.

Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know. Poo-Pourri is all the rage for eliminating bathroom odors.

Bee By the Sea is a natural skincare line that is specifically formulated with sea buckthorn fruit and seed oils in combination with pasteurized honey. You will bee one with nature.

Michel Designs sets include foaming hand soap with moisturizing shea butter and aloe vera and coordinating hand towels.

No Bite Me is 100% hypoallergenic and repels black flies, mosquitoes, and deer flies! Shield yourself while you work and play outdoors.

No Natz is an all-natural bug repellent. Protect your skin from mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus, gnats, and pesky biting files.

Thymes products are artisan-crafted fragrances for your home and body.

Heavy Duty Foot Therapy helps tired, aching feet overnight. A little bit goes a long way. .

Perfect for any gardener! O’Keefe’s Working Hands cream is long-lasting and moisturizes severely dry and rough hands.