Bring Your Pumpkins To Life – Create and Decorate

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Browns. Reds. Oranges. Yellows. Purples.

The colors of nature in the fall, does it get any better? From the turning leaves, to mums, to pumpkins and gourds, the colors can be breathtaking. At Bucks Country Gardens, we’re all about the fall. As I walk past our pumpkin patch, I usually stop to look and try to think of creative and easy ways that I can use some of the bright and colorful pumpkins.

Here are a few ideas you might want to try:


Succulent Pumpkins

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Tradition can yield the best results. For the last few years we have been planting succulents onto the top of pumpkins. It’s a project perfect for all skill levels and can last well into Thanksgiving. Without cutting into the pumpkin, attach moss to the top with a spray adhesive and add your succulents to the moss with a hot glue gun. Yes, hot glue, it works—trust me. Place your pumpkin in bright, indirect light and spray the plants with water about once a week. When your pumpkin eventually starts to rot, slice off the top, as close to the moss as possible, and place it in a pot on top of cactus soil. The succulents will root through the moss into the soil. You can use the same technique with pine cones, too. These are tips I picked up from the home & garden plastic alternatives magazine and I am glad to share them.

Silk and Vine Pumpkins

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Silk flowers and vines make a unique decoration sure to attract the eye. Place a few silk mums and grape vines around a pumpkin by piercing the pumpkin on a slight angle, just wide and deep enough to attach the silk stems and vine to your pumpkin. I like decorating around the entire pumpkin; it makes for a lovely centerpiece, and I highly recommend it.

Painted Pumpkins

Or, try gold with black lettering. Click image for source.

Or, try gold with black lettering. Click image for source.

A friend of mine at the Garden Center occasionally paints her pumpkins with metallic gold or silver spray paint. Then, it’s onto her mantle with them! Using her choice of colors, you can display them through the Christmas holidays. Or, you could try a black acrylic spray paint on a large pumpkin. Then, with a different color, paint your initials or street number and place it by your front door or mailbox. It’s helpful and decorative!

Container Pumpkins

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Containers need some festive flair? Add some pumpkins and gourds to your containers of mums, ornamental peppers, asters, grasses, etc. Plop them in right next to your plants to add a little more texture and color. If you have hanging coco liner baskets, remove the liners and fill the baskets with small pumpkins and gourds, an efficient and easy way to achieve a seasonal look.


With all these great ideas, keep in mind that if you cut or pierce your pumpkin, it will not last as long as one that hasn’t been cut. Be sure to really know what you’re going for and the desired look—sketch it out if necessary.

Enjoy the fall and have fun with those pumpkins.

Marilyn Fanning | Greenhouse Design, & Sales