Bug Off! – Plants That Repel Insects, Bugs & Mosquitoes

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When planting our gardens, we select plants that are pleasing to us, fit well into our design and color scheme, paying attention to texture, seasonal interest and perhaps wildlife habitats. More and more we are also looking for a little help in repelling insects, rather than using manufactured insect repellents or pesticides. There are a […]

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What’s The Deal With Nutsedge?!

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When given the topic of “What’s the Deal with Nutsedge?,” I found that I was asking myself the same thing… What actually is the deal with it? I didn’t know what it was, what it looked like, if it had a peculiar smell or not, or even where it grows. After some research and long […]

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Annuals for Hot Dry Areas – Confessions of a Darwinian Gardener

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Since I work in a garden center, I must love plants. Well, the truth is that I do love plants, too many plants. In fact, I want them all! And so, I have lots of gardens. But like the shoemaker’s children, my plants don’t always get the care they need and deserve. After a full […]

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American Made Products at Bucks Country Gardens

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While out and about on buying trips, we look for the best top quality products and we always try to find products that are local. We enjoy supporting other local businesses, and for us, local could be right here in Bucks County or across the country in California ­– they are all still made in […]

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Kick Off Summer With These Entertaining Essentials!

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Ready…deep breath…aaaaah! Today marks the unofficial start to summer! This weather brings out the best of me, and I’m sure I’m not alone, for that matter. The gardens are blooming, the furniture is on the patio (with fabulous new cushions, woo hoo!), and the excitement of our annual ‘musicfest’ at our home is brewing. Music runs through […]

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