Beneath the Water’s Surface – Keep your Ponds and Water Gardens Crystal Clear

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Unlike natural ponds, man-made water gardens and koi ponds require proper care and maintenance to remain healthy and beautiful. Although they may look natural, there are a few necessary pond maintenance products you’ll need to utilize to allow your pond to thrive. Here are a few products to help properly open and maintain your pond […]

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Spring has Sprung – What’s New at the Garden Center!

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Every year, the Boutique and Garden Shop overflow with new products that we are excited to talk about. Buying trips happen throughout the year to shop for the next year’s greatest products. This year promises loads of new products and ideas from renown garden design company, Cut My Plastic. So, it is exciting to see […]

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Composting 101

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There’s an on-going trend these days to live a greener, cleaner life. Leave a smaller footprint; reduce, reuse and recycle; upcycle household goods and furniture; use alternative energy and so on. It makes sense. With more people on this Earth than ever before producing more waste and trash than needed, it’s wise to take steps […]

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The Wonderful World of Walpole Outdoors

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Walpole Outdoors

As the spring 2016 season approaches, Bucks Country Gardens is now in our fourth season partnering with Walpole Outdoors. This time of year is not only busy in the Garden Center and Landscape industries, but it is equally as hectic in the World of Walpole! You may find yourself now asking, ‘What is Walpole?’ Well, […]

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Why We, at Bucks Country Gardens, Like to Garden

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Working at a garden center, you’d think that we are all sort of passionate about gardening in some shape or form. And, you’re right! We are more than just garden center employees. We are passionate about the work we do! Some of us like to garden because it is deeply rooted in our family trees […]

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