Proudly Made in the USA

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While out and about on buying trips, we are always on the hunt to find the newest and most interesting products for our customers to love. And when these great finds are produced right here in America, that’s even better! This year, we were at the American Craft Retailers Show in Philadelphia with a mission […]

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Tips for Adding Personality to Your Outdoor Furniture

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You’ve purchased the perfect furniture for your patio but it looked so much better in the store. That’s because you’re missing something–your family’s personality. It’s time to accessorize! You wouldn’t simply buy furniture for your family or living room without adding personal touches, so you shouldn’t yet be done with your outdoor room either. Chances […]

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Spring has Sprung – What’s New at the Garden Center!

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Every year, the Boutique and Garden Shop overflow with new products that we are excited to talk about. Buying trips happen throughout the year to shop for the next year’s greatest products. This year promises loads of new products and ideas from renown garden design company, Cut My Plastic. So, it is exciting to see […]

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Welcoming the Return of Meadowcraft Wrought Iron Furniture

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Style is like karma, what comes around, goes around. Everything old is new again. This can certainly be said of wrought iron patio furniture. Wrought iron used to be THE choice for outdoor patios because its sturdy steel construction is virtually impervious to the weather and its style truly stands the test of time. Wrought […]

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It’s Time to Light Up the Night

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Happy Fall, Y’all! What a perfect time to get out and really enjoy the great outdoors! I love these days when the scenery is bright and full of color and the nights are crisp and cool. I also love simply sitting on my patio and enjoying the warmth of a crackling fire with my husband […]

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