Ivy Topiaries & Winter Container Gardens

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During the holidays, we love to decorate with ribbons and bows, lights, ornaments, trees and plants. If you are looking for a formal yet whimsical idea or gift this year, why not try an ivy topiary for your home? Historically, the craft of topiary–creating a living sculpture–found its origins in ancient Roman times using the […]

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

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It is that busy time of year again: gifts to purchase, holiday meals to prepare, and a house to decorate for the holidays. A decorated Christmas tree will be a major focal point in many of our homes and we want it to be special. It can be a bit intimidating. I am here to help!! […]

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Meet the Designers :: Creating Holiday Magic

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Christmas is such a magical time of the year at Bucks Country Gardens. The tinsel that hangs from the doorways, the garland that drapes across the mantle, the lights that twinkle in the reflection of glass ornaments, and even the gifts under the tree would not be possible without the vision and talent of our […]

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It’s All About Last Minute (Dining) Details

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I don’t know about you, but in my house during the holidays, everything revolves around the dinning room table. Everyone, across four different states, comes together to enjoy a meal, laugh out loud, reminisce on some old memories, make some new ones, and eat… a lot! We, at Bucks Country Gardens, understand that the holidays […]

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Holiday Plant Care

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Growing up, my family always included flowering plants as part of their decorations for the winter holidays. Poinsettias and Christmas cactus were staples. In more recent years, I have added Cyclamen to my holiday collection. The flowers of all these plants come in an ever-increasing range of colors and patterns. Last season I decorated with […]

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