Mulch To-Do

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Now is the time your annuals are in and new gardens and outdoor spaces are designed and installed, so your beds need to be cleaned and mulched. Mulching not only protects your garden and insulates your soil, but it is aesthetically pleasing. Doing your own maintenance and clean up may seem scary, but it is […]

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Planting 101 – VLOG

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That’s right. Bucks Country Gardens is doing its first VLOG (video blog)! The planting bug is contagious. We were itching to start planting our trees, perennials, and shrubs. But, with a little guidance, planting can be a breeze. Planting 101 will layout the essential steps for planting success. Enjoy! Let’s Dig In! Before you begin […]

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Q & A: Cool Season Veggies & Unpredictable Weather – Is It Too Early to Plant My Cool Season Vegetables?

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The temperature has been closely related to Katy Perry’s song lyrics, “hot and then cold… up and then down.” One day we are wearing shorts soaking up sun and the next we have ten layers on shoveling snow. Wacky weather has put some hesitation in our minds about planting our cool season vegetables. I’ve been […]

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Size Does Not Matter: Outdoor Furniture & Décor for Small Spaces

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Many families and couples are downsizing their homes to travel or save money. But just because your home is small, does not mean you can’t fit elegant furniture or big decorating dreams in a petite place. Tiny Space & Full-Size Dreams It may be hard to move into a small space, but it is easy […]

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Spring Ahead! New Products For You & Your Garden

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2017 has brought bountiful new goodies to the Boutique and Garden Shop! Throughout the year we have the chance to select the freshest of products during buying trips and it’s wonderful to see our 2016 hard work come together for spring 2017. We select these products with you in mind. We just knew we had […]

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