It’s Not Goodbye… It’s See You Next Year

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Proper Take Down & Care of Artificial/Fresh Christmas Trees

The holidays have just about wrapped up and it is time to clean up. Whether you are packing away your artificial Christmas tree or removing your fresh tree, there is a proper way to care for and store them.

Artificial Tree Storage & Care

In order for your tree to stay nice for years to come, just follow these simple suggestions:

  • Remove all the ornaments and decorations from the tree. Wrap them in bubble wrap, craft paper, or place in the box they came in and carefully store in a sectioned ornament box or storage container.
  • Make sure all of the lights work before you put away your tree. Check for any broken bulbs before storage, so your tree is ready to go next year. At Bucks Country Gardens, we have a testing system to figure out existing problems with your tree’s lights. Bring in a section or the whole tree and get it checked!

Artificial Christmas tree.

  • Wrap loose cords around the trunk of the tree to keep it neat.
  • Rubber band or tape the tree stand bolts (the parts that tighten the tree to the stand) to the stand, so you don’t lose them.
  • To ensure no broken branches, make sure to fold branches up or cover your tree gently. Our Eazy Pole Technology Trees fold up easily!
  • Save the box! If you kept the box the tree came in, store your tree in it.
  • If you have the room, whether a spare room or extra space in the attic, you could place the tree still intact and upright with a cloth over it or lying down in a tree storage bag. This is the best option because the branches won’t get too crowded together. There are also vinyl and canvas bags with wheels! Your tree will be as snug as a bug. Wreaths won’t feel alone either… there are storage bags for those.

Artificial Christmas tree storage bag.

  • Last but not least, storage environment – Make sure to store your artificial tree, ornaments, and décor in a dry moderate temperature. Wet conditions cause mold. Extreme temperatures could damage your items. An attic or spare room is best.
  • For even more safety, place stored items on top of palettes, so they are off the ground.

Fresh Tree Removal & Clean Up

Just like artificial Christmas trees, fresh trees need some clean up care. Fresh trees are a bit easier because each year it is out with the old and in with the new. There are some great ways to repurpose your fresh trees as well!

  • Tree removal bags make it easy to clean up. Some place under their tree from the beginning to keep needles in one place and ensure quick clean up once the holidays are over. Whether you use it before or after, the bag drapes around the tree keeping the mess in.

Fresh-cut Christmas tree removal bags.

  • Once you have moved the tree outdoors, place out for waste removal or prep it for garden use.
  • Fresh-cut Christmas trees make great bird shelters! Bring the tree out near a fence or pole. Stand the tree upright and tie it with green floral wire. Take pruners and cut off about one foot of the lower branches of the tree. Add sugar cones coated in peanut butter and covered in seed (Wild Bird Seed is the best!), suet cakes, Mr. Bird seed bells, and more to provide delicious treats for your feathered friends. Keep water close by as well.
  • Branches can be striped off, chipped (or not chipped), and used as mulch – creating protection and insulation for garden beds.

Use fresh tree branches for mulch in your garden!

  • Here’s even more uses to recycle your Fresh-cut Christmas Trees: Click Here!

We also provide a white-glove service for not only set-up, but take down of both Artificial and Fresh-cut Christmas trees. Call us today for details!

There you go! With proper clean-up you’ll be ready for next year’s festivities. Now who’s thinking of spring?

Written by:

Donna Dentner | Lifestyles Manager
David Jones | Horticulturist, Customer Service Specialist, & ISA Certified Arborist