Christmas Trees

Here at Bucks Country Gardens, you will find an incredible selection of fresh cut, artificial and themed trees from October thru December. Are trees are hand-selected and represent the level of quality that you would expect from a premier garden center. We are confident that we have the exact Christmas tree you are looking for! Here is what we had available for the 2016 Christmas season.

Fresh CutArtificial

Frasier Fir

Fraser Firs have short stiff needles that are deep green on the top side with a sliver tint on the underside. Many feel this gives the tree an additional glow when the tree is lit. A Fraser Fir is prized for its long needle retention. The tree will stay fresh for the entire holiday season and the branches are firm and strong–capable of holding just about any ornament or family heirloom.

Available Sizes:

5′ – 14′ Tall

Artificial Trees

Here is a complete list of atificial trees we have available for the 2016 Christmas season. We have trees in all shapes and sizes — perfect for any size living space!

Easy Pole Technology makes setting up a tree quicker and easier than ever before. The one-plug tree is the newest technology in artificial trees with a unique pole to pole electrical connection system, so there is only one plug and no cords to hassle with throughout the tree.

Stay Lit® Lights feature a ‘silent sentry’ – a tiny microchip inside every light socket that keeps the light string operating. When all bulbs in the string are operating properly, the chip does nothing. However, as soon as something happens to a bulb–whether it gets broken, becomes loose, falls out, burns out–the chip takes over keeps the rest of the string operating properly.

Ambrose Fraiser

This beautiful dark green Fraiser Fur tree looks as though it had just been harvesed from the deep forest. It will become the certer piece of your Christmas decor. Now with Easy Pole Technology!

9′ Tall • 80″ dia. • 2951 tips • 1100 clear Stay Lit® lights

Blue Spruce

The silvery Blue Green color and full spruce needles makes this the quintesential Christmas tree. Its classic shape will hold all of your decorations to help create memories that will last a lifetime.

7.5′ Tall • 68″ dia. • 1719 tips • 800 clear Stay Lit® lights


This traditional tree, with life-like molded tips, has a low profile that will fit perfectly in any room.

Available Sizes:

7.5′ Tall • 46″ dia. • 2455 tips • 800 warm white LED lights

9′ Tall • 54″ dia. • 4207 tips • 1100 warm white LED lights

Charleston Pine

Our most popular collection, this tree has a combination of PVC and PE tips for a realistic look and feel.

Available Sizes:

7.5′ Tall • 52″ dia. • 1372 tips • 500 multi-colored lights

6′ Tall • 47″ dia. • 994 tips • 400 clear Stay Lit® lights

Darwin Pencil

Whether standing alone or clustered in groups, this slim, versatile tree fits anywhere.

6′ Tall • 22″ dia. • 396 tips • 200 clear Stay Lit® lights

Deerfield Fir

A beautiful blend of PE and PVC construction makes this tree a winner. Our selection includes an unlit tree for those who still like to string their own lights.

Available Sizes:

7.5′ Tall • 52″ dia. • 3132 tips • Unlit

7.5′ Tall • 52″ dia. • 3132 tips • 550 clear lights

9′ Tall • 62″ dia. • 4894 tips • 800 clear lights

Glendale Pine

This natural looking Spruce Tip style tree, with a classic profile and full tip distribution, matches the appearance of the very best cultivated trees but without the upkeep requirements. Best suited to floral, garland, and novelty decor but can be shaped to accomodate glass and hanging ornaments. Features Easy Pole Technology.

7.5′ Tall • 57″ dia. • 1846 tips • 700 clear Stay Lit® lights

Grandview Pine

This majestic and beautiful tree has a standard profile, full tip distribution, and natural pine cones. The forest style Grandview looks like a tree that was recently harvested for use in your home and will elevate the look of natural decorations, floral, and sprays. Features Easy Pole Technology.

Available Sizes:

7.5′ Tall • 59″ dia. • 2209 tips • 700 clear Stay Lit® lights

Gulliver Spruce

With its dark gree foliage, which includes life-like molded spruce tips, this is indeed a full, wide Christmas tree with a more traditional look and feel. It brings back fond memories of cutting your own tree and then finding out how big it actually was once you brought it home

7.5′ Tall • 72″ dia. • 6987 tips • 2000 clear lights

Iced Aspen

This tree has a soft shimmery appearance with a touch of ice crystals.

7.5′ Tall • 59″ dia. • 1438 tips • 850 clear Stay Lit® lights

Iced Milbank

The Iced Milbank is a natural looking tree with a layered profile and frosted Frasier tip. Imagine a forest fir covered in frost after the temperature plunges… that’s the Iced Milbank. The structure and color of this tree is perfect for ornaments of all sizes and shape. Features Easy Pole Technology.

9′ Tall • 2298 tips • 1000 clear Stay Lit® lights

Jacksboro Layered

The Jacksboro Layered is a heavily layered tree with a full profile and a slender (pistil) tip. The upward sloping shape and layering of the tree’s branches make this tree ideal for holding orbs, ornaments, and novelty items. No ornament is too big for this tree! The Jacksboro will be the centerpeice of your holiday design. Features Easy Pole Technology.

7.5′ Tall • 66″ dia. • 1853 tips • 1000 clear Stay Lit® lights


This multi-function color changing LED tree has Power Pole technology. The “Only One Plug” Power Pole is at the base of the tree. All other power connections are in the center pole. Simply join the sections together. No hunting for plug connections.

7.5′ Tall • 50″ dia. • 2806 tips • 900 clear/multi LED lights

Melville Fir

Layered branches, medium profile, and life-like molded tips–with new growth coloration of a Douglas Fir–make this tree an excellent addition to any home.

10′ Tall • 63″ dia. • 5758 tips • 1100 clear lights

Rice Light Tree

This is a magical tree that is sure to delight. “WOW” describes what we said when we first saw this tree. Traditional in size and shape, the 7.5′ tree is full with lush green foliage. With 4776 tips and 3550 clear rice lights this tree glistens and sparkles, making it the perfect tree for the person who has a collection that needs to be highlighted. Or, with so many lights you may not need any ornaments at all.

Scarborough Layered

The rich green color and beautiful layering make the Scarborough perfect for decorating. It will become the background for all of your holiday pictures and the focus of your holiday parties. Features Easy Pole Technology.

Available Sizes:

7.5′ Tall • 60″ dia. • 2114 tips • 900 clear Stay Lit® lights

9′ Tall • 72″ dia. • 3346 tips • 1350 clear Stay Lit® lights

12′ Tall • 90″ dia. • 5950 tips • 2250 clear Stay Lit® lights


This beautiful pine tree has a wonderful mix of showy branches, pine cones, and soft long needles