Chrysanthemums – Companion Planting with Mums

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Chrysanthemums…the quintessential plant of the fall season! They are often a popular choice amongst gardeners to fill landscape beds and container gardens. As the summer annuals fade away, mums are a great choice to add the bright, bold autumnal colors of the season (red, yellow, rust, orange, white, and purple) to your garden.

Orange Mums

Beautiful orange mums. A great addition for fall color!

Mums nicely fill the voids in the garden beds that used to accommodate the summer annuals, which have winded down for the season. Planted alone, mums create a classic look. However, pair the following annuals and perennials and you will have a fall display in your garden that’s anything but ordinary.

Annuals & Mums

Ornamental Peppers

Peppers to go with mums

Ornamental peppers are a great companion for mums in your fall garden.

Unique and fun ornamental peppers add a spicy flare. They bear colorful fruit in bright fall colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and purple. Peppers come in many shapes and sizes that pair well with mums in the landscape and they will look exceptionally well together in containers on your patio or deck.


Create an encore performance with pansies in the fall. These cool season annuals bloom right through frost and well into freezing temperatures making them an excellent choice to accompany mums. Choose from a rainbow of colors such as rich blues and purples, to bright yellows and oranges, or even a dramatic, dark purple-black and incorporate these perky pansies with your mum display.

Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

Cabbage to go with mums

Who would think cabbage goes so well with mums!

Cabbage and kale add great architectural elements to the landscape. Smooth cabbage leaves or ruffled kale leaves create a great accent planted next to mums. They perform best in cool weather, so as it gets colder, they get even better! As the temperature drops, the white, pink, or red color of the cabbage or kale intensifies.

Perennials & Mums


Sedums, with their succulent-like foliage, are attractive fall bloom-ing perennials. Since they come in an array of different varieties, colors, sizes, and textures, they give a distinct presence in the garden. Cluster a tall variety of sedum behind a row of mums or opt for lower growing varieties to plant as a border in front.

Coral Bells

Heuchera, also known as Coral Bells, is another fall favorite to plant. This perennial is most note-worthy for its many colors and variation of foliage ranging from purples, oranges, reds, greens, and more. They add the perfect amount of fall-like hues and texture against mums planted in the landscape or containers.

Ornamental Grasses

Mums and Ornamental Grass are two fall staples that belong in your garden this season. This pairing personifies the essence of fall. The grass provides just the right amount of movement and texture against the rounded mums. Smaller growing grass varieties, such as ‘Dwarf Hameln’ Fountain grass, work well in the perennial beds, while Carex varieties and other one gallon-sized grasses are perfect for patio pots.

Also Consider

Pumpkins and Gourds

Gourds to go with mums

Here’s some fall flair! Add pumpkins and gourds to create an autumn wonderland along with your mums.

Pumpkins and Gourds partnered with mums are another easy way to create a fall-inspired display on your front porch. Choose different sized pumpkins and uniquely shaped gourds and place them together, even stacked, to create an interesting display. Mums can then be arranged or tucked around them. Mini pumpkins and gourds are great for adding to the fronts of planters.

It does not take much to make an amazing, inspiring fall display: use grasses, mums, ornamental peppers, pansies, or some mini pumpkins or little gourds to create the ideal fall planter or flower bed!

Written by:

Becky Jones | Greenhouse Manager