Feeling Blue?

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The holidays are over and it’s cold, often gloomy and dark more than it is light. Is it any wonder that many people often suffer from the “winter blues”? If you find yourself in a seasonal slump, don’t give in. Instead, embrace the blues, the color blue that is. Blue may not be the “official” color of the year, however all shades of blue really are the “it” colors of the year.

Now is the time for retail stores to slowly come back to life after the holiday rush, getting ready for the rebirth of spring. You can be sure the blues will be popping up in everything from paint colors, home furnishings, interior designer magazines and outdoor décor, the garden and of course fashion.

For me, knowing that blue will be everywhere helps keep the winter doldrums away. I love all shades of blue and am thrilled it’s such a strong color this year. Whether it’s a classic navy, a dreamy sky or a vibrant turquoise, one thing blues all seem to have in common is their calming and stress reducing effects. I know we can all use some of these qualities in our lives! Blue also tends to be a color that evokes feelings of escape, confidence, harmony, dependability and faithfulness.

Think of blue as your new neutral since the right hue will pair great with any color you can imagine. Go monochromatic with a few different shades of blue. Or add some soft contrast by mixing in classic white or a soft grey. If you want to liven up your space, contrast with colors of orange and coral. You can be harmonious and add some warmth by pairing it with shades of green or yellow. Whatever color direction you choose, you can’t go wrong with blue. You can even pair it with the Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala–a rich wine red with earthy brown undertones. Nothing says cool, calm and confident like a classic navy suit, crisp white shirt and a striking red tie.

For your indoor and outdoor living spaces, freshen up a room with an accent wall in your favorite blue hue. Or better yet, paint a ceiling a pale sky blue and your room will suddenly seem much taller and more spacious. Look for upholstery fabrics for both indoors and out in all shades of blue including denim, an American classic. Use it as an accent or as the primary color, either way you’ll feel the tranquil effects of this classic hue.

Don’t forget your gardens. It may seem early to think about, but the warmer weather really will be here before you know it. As early as the weather permits, how about some smiling blue pansies in your pots to welcome spring. Believe it or not there are many blue flowering plants in every imaginable shade to accent your gardens, from endless summer hydrangea to delphinium and salvia black and blue. There are always lots of blue perennials and annuals here at the garden center so the possibilities are endless. If blue flowers aren’t your thing, how about some richly glazed cobalt pots to offset your plant and flowers? Or maybe accent your patio furniture with some blue pillows or a new blue umbrella.

Whatever way you choose to bring the blues into your life, don’t feel blue. Live blue! Incorporate it into all aspects of your life to feel, look and be great in 2015.

Greg Orme | Assistant Lifestyles Manager