Garden Calendar Series – September/October/November

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Having a Garden Calendar is a must! Every month there are new garden “to do’s.” Summer is growing to an end. Within the next few months we are extending our growing season, tidying up, and putting our gardens to bed before winter is upon us. We put together a calendar of some of the most common garden “to do’s” for September, October, and November, to keep you organized and on track!


Fall starts September 22nd. Warm days and cool nights make fall perfect for planting.

What to Plant:

  • Mums, Ornamental Cabbage, Kale, Peppers, Fall Pansies and Spring Bulbs.
  • It’s a perfect time for planting Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Evergreens and Roses
  • Don’t forget Fall Veggies. Lettuce, Cabbage, Kale, Swiss Chard, Broccoli Arugula and more.
  • Protect your annuals and veggies from frost with a non-plastic covering, such as Harvest Guard.


  • Deadhead plants while there is still time for more flowering.
  • Rake or mulch leaves! Keeping leaves on your lawn can cause fungal problems.
  • Use Espoma Organic Lawn Winterizer Food for a healthy lawn. Specially formulated to optimize the health of your lawn and contains extra potash for next year’s spring greening
  • Apply Espoma Organic Lawn Weed Preventer. Prevents Weeds and Feeds Lawns.
  • Control fall weeds with Bonide Weed Beater. It takes care of cool season weeds for next year’s spring greening.
  • Fertilize your plants to keep them happy and healthy during the upcoming winter months. We suggest Espoma Organic fertilizing products!

Pest & Insect Control:

  • Protect against deer and rodents. They enjoy snacking on your plants and making homes in your garden. They are also starting to collect food for the winter. Use Liquid Fence or Deer Scram to repel deer and use Mouse Magic or Repels-All to repel rodents.
  • Control pests with our Garden Pharmacy products accordingly. As always, if you are unsure what’s infecting your plant, please bring in a sample in a sealed plastic bag, send us a picture, or contact us at

Water! Water! Water!

It’s still warm out, the sun and wind can suck your plants dry. Make sure to water regularly. You can find a great selection of watering cans, hoses, and nozzles at Bucks Country Gardens. Our experts can let you know how much water your plants need or read our watering video HERE! We want to make sure your plants are well watered, so they are happy.

Crocus Bulbs Bloom

Crocus bulbs that have bloomed!


It is starting to get chilly, leaves are piling up, and there’s a lot to do! October 15 is the official frost date for our area and it is time to fertilize, clean up, and prep. Although, there is still time to plant before the ground freezes.

What to Plant:

  • Fall Pansies, Mums, Ornamental Cabbage and Kale, Spring Bulbs, Fall Veggies and more.
  • Yes, it is perfectly safe to plant Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Evergreens and Roses.


  • Protect your annuals and veggies from frost with a non-plastic covering, such as Harvest Guard.
  • Pick your tomatoes and let them ripen indoors for when it is less than 50 degrees.
  • Keep mowing your lawn! It is still growing. Using a mulching blade will help chop up leaves.
  • Prune Perennials, Ornamental Grasses, and Roses. Call us with specific questions.
  • Bring tropical plants inside and prune before the first frost. Apply Bonide Systemic Houseplant Insect Control.
  • Use Pond Netting over ponds to keep leaves from getting in.

Pest & Insect Control:

  • Apply squirrel repellant on bulbs, so they don’t get eaten! We suggest Repels-All.
  • Protect from Deer and Rabbit damage with Liquid Fence, Deer Scram or Deer Netting. Start spraying plants with All-Seasons Oil Spray as needed.

Frosty Leaves

Weather is starting to get frosty. Protect your plants!


Winter is just around the corner… this month is for preparing your plants, garden beds, lawns, garden tools, and more from cold weather. November tidying is crucial for a bountiful and easy spring.

What to Plant:

  • There is still time to plant the Spring Bulbs, Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Roses and more. Make sure to plant while the ground is not frozen.


  • Fertilize your lawn with Espoma Organic Lawn Winterizer Food.
  • Apply Bonide Wilt Stop to prevent moisture loss.
  • Pull annuals from your garden. If they are self-seeding annuals, leave the stems.
  • Prune Perennials, Ornamental Grasses, and Roses. Call us with specific questions.
  • Keep ornamentals, Black-eyed Susan’s, Coneflowers, and Sedums, standing for fall and winter interest, food and hideouts for birds.
  • Use Pond Netting over ponds to keep leaves from getting in and add a Pond Heater
  • Wrap shrubs with Shrub Jackets or burlap.
  • Dig holes for live Christmas trees. Keep soil in a warm place, so it doesn’t freeze. Fill holes with leaves and cover with a tarp until you are ready to plant.
  • For the birds: hang feeders, clean birdbaths, add a Birdbath Heater in the baths, so birds can bathe and drink in comfort during cold months.

Pest & Insect Control:

  • Remove leaves from the foundation of you house. Leaves around the foundation create warm inviting homes for cute little rodents and pests.
  • Protect from Deer and Rabbit damage with Liquid Fence, Deer Scram or Deer Netting.
  • Apply paper tree wrap or tree guards on thin trees to protect deer from rubbing on the trunk.

Fall Chairs

Time to clean up and store your furniture.


Store your breakable pottery and garden decorations inside. Clean and store you garden tools so they are nice and fresh for the spring! Hoses can be cleaned with some vinegar to get off excess dirt. Who knew? It is best to store them inside as well.

Other To-Do’s Before Winter (Sept. thru Nov.):

  • Clean furniture – We suggest using 303 Fabric/Furniture Cleaner. Touch up nicks. Cover dry furniture with Treasure Garden furniture covers if not storing inside. Store clean cushions and umbrellas inside, unless you want to provide cozy homes for mice over the winter.
  • Close your ponds – Add Microbe-Lift Autumn Prep before shutting off the pump for the winter. Take away debris and tropical plants. Trim back hardy aquatic plants. Remove 25% of old water and replace with fresh. Take out external filtration and add a Pond heater or aerator. Cover with Pond Netting. Get rid of netting after all the leaves have fallen, but before pond freezes.
  • Maintain fountains – Unplug pumps and store. Drain water and clean the fountain. Cover fountain or disassemble and store.
  • Winterize plants – We offer Winterizing Services through our Landscape Department! Call to set up an appointment at 215-766-7800.

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Stay tuned for our next “Garden Calendar Series: December/January/February.”

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