Gardening, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Everything!

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Benefits of Gardening for Our Everyday Lives

Do you get a deep sense of satisfaction after you weed or prune? If you are restored after planting a tree, harvesting vegetables and herbs, cutting fresh flowers, or surrounding yourself by nature, it isn’t all in your head! Gardening is an endless labor of love that is beneficial to our everyday lives. Even a simple plant on your cubical desk can change your mood. It is cheaper than therapy and is a hobby that gives back, making an even better YOU!

Physical Benefits

Gardening in itself is a wonderful physical activity (with rewards!). Most of the time you become so engrossed in your work you don’t even know you are breaking a sweat! When gardening you are twisting and bending, building your strength, stamina, and flexibility. Physical activity decreases the risk of stroke and heart problems.

Just going outside and playing around in the dirt will strengthen your hands and dexterity, boost immune levels, and expose you to vitamin D. That’s right! Gardening is the perfect way to get your sunshine. Exposure to sunlight gives you adequate vitamin D levels, increases your calcium levels, and boosts your immune system. A little dirt under your fingernails will improve your immune system as well. There is a bacteria called Mycobacterium found in soil that has been found to alleviate symptoms of psoriasis, allergies, and asthma, which all stem from a disrupted immune balance and the ability to fight off infection.

Getting a little dirt on your hands can actually help you!

Not only do outdoor gardens help you out, indoor gardens lend a healthy hand as well. NASA did a study on how indoor plants improve air quality. Houseplants filter out toxins that are bad for you! You can breathe better knowing plants are branching out. Don’t worry we help them out too by exhaling C02 for photosynthesis.

Mental Health Benefits

Being surrounded by nature seriously makes you happy. Maybe that’s why our employees at Bucks Country Gardens are in such a great mood all the time! Gardening lowers levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). Cortisol may influence more than just your mood: chronically elevated cortisol levels are associated with immune function, obesity, memory and learning problems, and heart disease.

You can affect your health with a simple hobby! Just going outside for 30 minutes can reduce stress. Also, being able to create a positive change in the world by nurturing a plant causes higher self-esteem.

Nuturing a plant gives you a sense of self-worth.

Gardening involves so many critical functions that get your brain’s wheels turning, including: strength, endurance, dexterity, learning, problem solving, and sensory awareness. Brain exercises are beneficial in reducing the risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Your brain really benefits from outdoor activity. You are exposing yourself to the social realm, especially if you are part of a garden community. Being a part of a community brings self-worth and lessens loneliness. Activities and hobbies as well as plants lessen depression. Another remedy of depression and mental illness is aromatherapy and herbs. Scented plants tune into different reactors of your brain. For example, lavender is calming. Aim for a combination of food-producing, scented, and flowering plants to nourish all the senses.

What are you waiting for? The garden is calling! Whether indoors or out, gardening is very beneficial to your health and well-being. We all hope to live a long and happy life in sync with nature.

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