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Bumpy RoundheadEvery single figurine is meticulously crafted by hand, right here, in Bucks County, PA. This year, in addition to the timeless and ever endearing Carolers, Byers’ Choice has introduced two new collections. First, is the North Pole Collection featuring Santa and his helpful elves. Everybody is hard at work getting ready for the big day. Second, are the Jolly Happy Souls. These delightful snowpeople come to us direct from the North Pole, complete with a passport. With such cute names as Floyd Flurries and Crystal Diddums, they are sure to put a smile on your face.


Milk & Cookies SantaFall in love with the spirit of Christmas and start a new holiday tradition with Karen Didion Santas. Each has a unique look with traditional, vintage and even whimsical designs. Faces and hands are carefully hand painted and feature realistic glass inset eyes, and exquisite details like real mohair teddy bears. For all the serious collectors out there, we will be showing some very limited edition pieces.


Bucks County BallJoy to the World is probably most famous for their pet ornaments. Featuring over 300 dog breeds, The Pet Set Collection are the most lifelike dog ornaments you will ever find. The intricate painting details bring these little guys to life. And, each piece benefits Morris Animal Foundation.

Also from Joy to the World are three Bucks County Covered Bridges Glass Ornaments, hand painted by skilled artisans in Poland exclusively for Bucks Country Gardens.


Christmas Dog StandingFelt is the oldest textile fabric dating as far back as 6300 BC. It is created from wool or other animal fibers that are densely matted together. Felting predates spinning, weaving or knitting, and for centuries, this non-woven fabric has been used for yurts, blankets, rugs, hats, boots, and clothing. Now, it is being used to create this adorable collection of felted animals. Hedgehogs, puppies, deer, mice and more are here to get you started on this fun, new collection.


Wood OrnamentEurope is rich with centuries of Christmas traditions. The German state of Bavaria is well known and traveled during the holidays with tourists seeking unique crafts coming from generations of skilled craftsman. These beautifully crafted wood pieces, including ornaments, clocks, and lighted scenes, are a great way to start or continue a tradition with Bavarian and European holiday décor.


SNOWMAN WITH LANTERNA Polonaise ornament is a tradition in and of itself. Only from Europe—Poland, in this case—will you find such artistry in hand crafted glass ornaments. These skills have been passed down for generations, each piece meticulously shaped with fine detail. They are carefully hand painted in vibrant colors to make each piece come to life. Their popularity and collectability lead to the creation of the Polonaise Collector’s Guild in 1997.

Greg Orme | Assistant Lifestyle Manager