Candles and Fragrances

Candles make a perfect accent to any room, especially when they “turn on” automatically the same time every day. Our LED & Battery operated candles have the option to set a time to let the candle “burn” for five to eight hours, every day at the exact same time. Perfect for a busy life style.

Did you know that candles are a great way to add a bit a romance to any dinner or special occasion – even at home? LED. candles are a great way to add soft light to any room and help “set the mood” for that romantic setting. Dim the lights and let that candle burn!

Earth Luxe soy candles and diffusers come in a multitude of aromas, held in beautiful glazed ombre ceramic holders.

Hillhouse Naturals have wonderful diffusers. Freshen your home!

Rooted in history, Root Candles are made of natural beeswax. Since 1869. Available in a large variety of aromas and colors.

There is a large selection of gorgeous artisan designed and manufactured Garden Route Potpourri, made of natural scented dried botanicals.

Don’t worry about an open flame with Habersham Wax Vessels, decorative fragrance accessories for any area of your home without the need of a lighter.

Thymes Reed Diffusers have rattan reeds, which absorb Thymes scented oils, releasing a halo of pleasant fragrances in the air.

Light up the night with Mistique Flameless Candles. They are LED and battery-operated!

Fragrances you’ll love… quality you’ll remember – Kringle Candles are the real deal! 100% made in America with the nest paraffin, wicks, and fragrances, Kringle soy-based all-white candles, no matter what fragrance, compliments any decor!

Enjoy wonderful scents of Chesapeake Bay Candles. A soy-wax blend. Stylish and natural packaging.