Increase Curb Appeal with Low-Maintenance Walpole Outdoors Products

Published by Bucks Country Gardens in Landscape

Out with the old and in with the new. It’s a saying that fits perfectly for Walpole Outdoors products. I remember replacing split rail fences along horse pastures that had rotted out or repainting cracked wood. That’s all in the past now–it can be replaced with vinyl PVC. Now, I know that not everyone likes shiny PVC. It certainly isn’t what I like either. That’s where Walpole Outdoors comes into play. Using newer technology, like cellular PVC, you have the durability of PVC with the look and feel of real wood.

Vinyl PVC fencing wasn’t the strongest either. It too, would crack and split with cold temperatures, strong winds or even from someone leaning up against it the wrong way. The new cellular PVC has a solid, cell-like center. Imagine dense foam filling the inside of a hollow PVC tube. Essentially, that’s how it’s created. Add a bit of texture and color to your PVC and presto­–you have cellular PVC from Walpole Outdoors. It doesn’t stop there. Walpole infuses lightweight aluminum into deck railings and pieces that will see more force. Seems like a great product to me.

I have first hand experience on how impressive their products really are. This past summer, I was driving home from work, down my street and it hit me like a vision of beauty: There was this pristine, handsome mailbox, atop of a classic white mail post. It was so cool to drive down my road and have that be the first thing that I noticed. I knew we were having the mailbox installed, but when you see it there, it adds the perfect touch to our curb appeal. It looks elegant, yet I know its durable. And it sure has had its test this winter. With over 50” of snow hurled in it’s direction by a daunting plow truck over and over again, it hasn’t budged. It hasn’t cracked, wobbled, faded or changed since the day it was installed.

Walpole Outdoors doesn’t just make mailboxes or mail posts. Lanterns, fencing, arbors, swing sets, pergolas, gardening containers, deck railings, Adirondack furniture, benches, birdhouses, birdfeeders, cupolas, buildings and enclosures can be found in their catalog of architectural elements for your home and garden. They are constantly expanding their inventory, adding more things to their product line to make your back yard into something special.

Even better yet, you can get all of it at Bucks Country Gardens. Last year, a number of our employees traveled to Walpole’s headquarters in Maine to be trained as certified Walpole experts. We now have experts on staff who can give you ideas, help you on installation, and custom order your outdoor home décor dreams. If you want to shop from home, don’t worry. Visit and online ordering is an easy task as well. Once your order is placed, it will ship to us or your closest Walpole Outdoors dealer where you can pick it up, have it delivered or even have it installed.

If you have never witnessed first hand the beauty of Walpole Outdoors low-maintenance, cellular PVC architectural products, I suggest that you do so today. If you’re heading to the Philadelphia Flower Show between March 1–9, visit the Walpole Outdoors Booth. Chances are you will see us there. Plus, take advantage of a number of specials offered only during the Flower Show. Bucks Country Gardens also has a permanent showroom with a variety popular cellular PVC products on display. Let us and Walpole Outdoors help you enhance your outdoor living experience.


Ryan | Customer Service Manager