Is It Real? The Truth Behind Christmas Trees

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Over the years I have been asked many times, “Why is there such a difference in the price of your artificial trees and the ones I’ve seen elsewhere?” As one of the buyers here at Bucks Country Gardens, I can assure you that it is for good reason. I also used to own one of those lesser priced trees and a few years ago, I finally bought a tree from Bucks Country Gardens. WOW, what a difference! It was definitely a wise purchase.

The first difference is the weight and sturdiness of our trees. You may remember trees of years ago that were lightweight with flimsy branches that were easily bent or crushed. That is not the case anymore as today’s trees are constructed with heavy steel center poles and the branches are already secured and hinged at the pole. Depending on the height of your tree it will actually come in as little as two sections or as many as six or seven sections (this would be a very tall tree, 15’ and above usually). Let’s not forget the branches themselves. Whether your tree is constructed of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PE (polyethylene), both of which are synthetic resins, the branches can be so realistic that you actually have to touch them to know they are not real.

Next, our selection and variety of trees available is almost unlimited. Find trees as little as one foot tall all the way up to 15 feet tall or even larger. There are big, fat, full trees as well as more slender trees for tight spaces.You’ll discover find white trees and flocked trees for a true snowy effect. Some trees are “iced” with just the right amount of sparkling ice that really shimmers with the light. Some new styles of trees are “layered and indexed” which gives you beautiful sweeping boughs but allows plenty of space for larger ornaments or a large collection of ornaments. No matter what your style or Christmas tree needs are, there is definitely a tree for you.

And of course there is the ease of set up, just follow the included instructions. This is especially important for pre-lit trees, which most are today. It is very important to plug each section together exactly as the instructions say so that you do not blow any fuses or short out all or any portion of the lights. Also, you should NEVER plug the tree directly into the wall outlet. ALWAYS plug the tree into a power strip with overload protection.

You can pretty much have your tree set up and lit in less than 15 minutes but there is one more step. Once assembled, the branches will need shaping and fluffing to finish off its realistic effect. Now you are ready to decorate your tree to your heart’s content. If the set-up part just isn’t your thing, give us a call at Bucks Country Gardens. We offer White Glove delivery, set up and take down services.

Lights bring up another common question. “If one light goes out, do they all go out?” The general answer is, NO, but it’s a tricky question. Some trees will have the common lights that have been used for many years. With these lights, as long as every bulb is in its socket, in place correctly with a proper connection and no bulbs are broken, than yes the rest will stay lit. That can be a lot to ask. The newest trees however, have “Stay-lit” patented microchip technology. This means there is a chip in every socket so even if multiple bulbs are out, broken or even missing, the rest will stay lit.

At the end of the season when all the ornaments are packed away, carefully store your tree for next year. I strongly suggest that you do not try to cram all your newly fluffed branches back into its original box. Use the box for what comfortably and easily fits and purchase a tree storage bag for the rest. Forcing and cramming the tree back in the original box can cause the wires to get bent or snap which might give you problems with the lights in the future.

Follow these simple instructions and you will have a beautiful Christmas tree for many years to come. Add some sort of pine fragrance like a candle, room spray or reed diffuser and you’ll also have the lovely pine scent. Your guests will never know you have an artificial tree, unless you tell them.

So it may only be Halloween and the costumes and pumpkins aren’t even put away yet, but yes, I am already thinking about my other favorite holiday, Christmas. And here’s a SPOOKY thought for the day, it is only 8 weeks away. YIKES!!!

Greg Orme | Assistant Lifestyle Manager