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It is our goal to create a positive and lasting relationship between us and the customer. For us, that includes interactions outside the retail setting. We offer all services with an eager helping attitude and a pleasant smile. Below are all the services we offer including details and pricing.  Prices are subject to change.  Please call for more information before ordering your delivery service.

Delivery Services

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Plant & Bulk Delivery

Why dirty your car? We will deliver almost anywhere. Whether you need bulk materials, large trees, or a one gallon perennial, we’ll bring it to your door!

Bulk Stone & Mulch (3 ton/yd. Min)
Friday & Saturday

  • D1 – $8/Mile – $40 Minimum

Trees, Plants, Garden Supplies
Wednesday & Thursday

  • D1 – $8/Mile – $40 Minimum
  • D2 – $10/Mile – $50 Minimum
  • D3 – $12/Mile – $60 Minimum
    *Cost based on size & weight.

Landscape Services

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Landscape Design/Build

Let our award winning, professional designers knock your socks off with detailed designs and management of the installation. Our focus is on your satisfaction from beginning to end. Find out more about our process on the Design/Build Page.

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