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Outdoor Living & Landscape Maintenance


potteryLarge or small, glazed or fiberclay, we have the right pottery for you here at Bucks Country Gardens!  Pottery is a very important part of your outdoor landscape and can make just as much of a statement at the plants you put inside of them.  We have a vast selection of pots and containers – in many shapes, sizes and colors – scattered all throughout our nursery yard.  No matter what your pottery needs are, we have exactly what you are looking for.  If you need something specific or have an questions about any of our pottery, our friendly and knowledgeable Lawn & Garden associates are here to help. You can even have us take care of the “dirty work” of potting up your newly purchased containers. Our Greenhouse staff can create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, custom container just for you!

Garden Supplies

toolsReady to get your garden started? We have everything you need to get the job done!  We have long and short handled tools, hoses and watering accessories, and even irrigation supplies. Hand tools for small digging, ergonomical tools to make digging and gardening easier and decorative watering cans for functional art are just some of the many things that we offer. Our lawn and garden experts are constantly shopping to find the best products.

Garden Pharmacy

Having trouble with your plants or your lawn? Our experts here at Bucks Country Gardens can prescribe the right solution to keep you garden and outdoor landscape looking right. You can even bring us a soil sample and we can test it for you. Our selection of insecticides, pesticides and repellants are fully stocked everyday to make sure your garden is a success.  Take the guesswork out of solving garden problems on your own, stop in and see our Garden Pharmacist today!


bird seedSometimes we take them for granted, but these feathered friends need our help to survive. Food, feeders and houses are essential to keep your birds tweeting and we have a large stock of each. Food for cardinals, food for finches or food for woodpeckers; each species of bird enjoy different items in their food. Ask one of our bird experts for any questions.