Birds: Attracting Birds to Your Backyard!

Spring is generally the time of year when birds begin to nest. It’s easy to keep birds around, as long as you provide the key things they need this time of year – housing and food. We have a fantastic selection of birdhouses in many different shapes and sizes. To attract several varieties of birds to your backyard, Lyric Supreme is the food to get. Lyric Supreme offers the very best gourmet ingredients plus an assortment of preferred bird seeds and tree nut pieces. Bucks Country Gardens has a variety of Lyric products that also attracts specific bird varieties.  Come visit our bird department today for these and other great items!

Bird Food

Premium Lyric Wild Bird Seed

Not all bird seed is created equal. If you are looking to attract more birds your bird feeders than Lyric Premium Wild Bird Seed is the way to go! Made with only the freshest, premium-quality ingredietns, Lyric offers a wide variety of bird seed blends for all types of birds. Each blend is specificially formulated with specific species of birds in mind so you can be sure to attract the right birds each and every time. Lyric bird seed contains no waste, no fillers, no by-products, and everything birds enjoy. Whether you’re looking to attract chickadees or cardinals, woodpeckers or finches, Lyric premium wild bird food has the freshest, high-quality bird seed. Choose from Lyric Supreme, Deluxe, Cardinal, Chickadee, Woodpecker, Nyjer Seed or Fine Tunes seed.

Bucks Country Gardens Blend

If Lyric bird seed doesn’t interest you, why not give our special blend a try?! Made with a highly-nutritious blend of sunflower seed, cracked corn, safflower and other seed; our blend of wild bird food is specifically formulated for birds in our area. We have taken the time to source only the best-quality ingredients for our birdseed blend that we are happy to put our name on it. Available in a 20lb bag, this seed is sure to keep the birds you enjoy at your feeder all year long!

Premium Suet Cakes and Feeders

Suet was once something we stocked our backyard feeders with only in the winter months. Present day suet use is much broader – and more beneficial to birds. In spring, it meets the increased energy demands of nesting birds. In the summer months, it provides a good substitute for insect-eating birds; especially in years when insects are not very plentiful. In fall, suet helps wild birds store fat to prepare for migration or the coming winter. And of course, in winter, suet replenishes depleted stores of energy and nutrients, to help birds survive the long, cold months. We have suet cakes for every season as well as feeders for them to go into. Be sure to check out our selection on your next trip to Bucks Country Gardens.

Hummingbird Food and Feeders

While you’re picking up some bagged food for your backyard birds, be sure to pick up some liquid nourishment for our nectar-loving birds – the hummingbird. We carry a wide variety of hummingbird feeders including the very popular antique glass and Mason Jar style feeders as well as some smaller feeders which can be placed in your garden or planter. We also have both liquid and powdered nectar to fill those feeders with.

Housing & Feeders

Birdhouses & Feeders

These new hand-made birdhouses and feeders are beautiful! Made here in the United States with recycled materials, these combination birdhouses & feeders are the perfect addition to your outdoor decor. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are made to be either a birdhouse, a bird feeder, or a combination of both. The access panel in the back of the birdhouse allows you to easily clean and add food. Give your backyards birds a spot to nest and feed with these great birdhouses and feeders!

The Nuttery Feeders

Tired of all those squirrels climbing all over your feeders?  The Nuttery feeder is the perfect solution to this problem!  Offering a complete selection of products, The Nutter has developed a feeder design that is virtually squirrel-proof!  These feeders have a cage that completely covers the feed tube inside.  The cage openings are large enough to allow birds easy access to the feed while keeping squirrels and other large animals and birds out.  The feeders come in a wide range of styles and colors for every seed type.  Be sure to check out our selection of The Nuttery bird feeders.

Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeder

The Squirrel Buster Classic wild bird feeder is another great way to keep squirrels from eating all the food out of your feeders.  This feeder uses a patented design that is truly squirrel proof.  This design allows all kind of birds easy access to the feeder while preventing squirrels from accessing the feed inside.  Once a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight will force the shroud down; closing all the feed ports.  This is the prefect way to prevent squirrels from accessing this feeder without harming them in any way.

Nature’s Way Thistle Tube Feeder

Made from ultra-durable materials, the Nature’s Way Thistle feeder is the perfect thistle feeder.  This feeder offers Twist & Clean™ technology which allows for quick and easy cleaning.  Its wider designed tube allows for easy filling so you can utilize ever ounce of seed. It also has built-in dividers to ensure that each seed port always has feed – rather than all the feed sinking to the bottom. Complete with a 6-sided perch, this feeder allows for viewing up to 50% more birds.  The tube is constructed from stay-clear, break resistant polycarbonate tube so you can be sure your feeder will last a lifetime!