Supplies for all your gardening needs!

Bucks Country Gardens offers the finest garden supplies and hand tools that are sure to handle the toughest gardening tasks. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro, we have everything you need to help your garden bloom better and produce more. Check out our full line up of garden tools, irrigation supplies and more in our garden shop. If you are looking for something specific, be sure to ask one of our experts to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Gardening Tools

Shovels, Spades & Edgers

We offer many different styles of shovels, spades and edgers perfect for any job – big or small.
Shovels: We carry the classic round headed shovel for easy digging as well as flat headed shovels for moving stone, dirt or mulch. With a light-weight fiberglass handle and a sturdy metal blade, these shovels are tough enough to tackle any job.
Spades & Edgers: We carry spades and edgers for your gardening and landscaping needs.Made of high quality steel, each tool will surely complete the job. Radius Tools are on the cutting edge of creating pain-free gardening tools. With unique, ergonomic design, these tools are taking over the market. We carry a range of products from rounded edgers to sturdy spades – all made from polymer and steel.

Pitch-Forks & Rakes

Our selection of rakes is all about quality and variety. Collect fallen leaves comfortably with one of our lightweight fan rakes, or use a powerful soil rake to break up cultivated soil. Pitch-Forks: We offer pitch-forks from quality manufactures like Radius and Bond. The PRO Digging Fork by Radius is an ideal tool for turning and cultivating soil as well as for moving mulch, sod, and yard debris. You can also choose the traditional fork with a wooden handle and steel tines. Either one with get the job done!
Rakes: If you are in-need of a quality rake, we have a selection of manufactures to choose from.If you want a traditional rake, use the Bond or the Yard Butler. They both offer great collection capability and a high quality design. If you need to smooth out the earth, the Razorback will work perfect for you. With a durable handle and a steel rake head, it will get the job done.

Pruning & Cutting

Pruning and trimming tress, bushes and flowers are all part of gardening. We offer the top of the line equipment to make all your trimming needs easy. Pruners & Saws: Felco is the top of the line when it comes to pruning. Made in Switzerland, these versatile and precise pruners lend themselves to all types of work. Their straight cutting head allows right and left-handed users alike to use the tools with ease. Felco also offers a pull-stroke pruning saw with guarantee rapid, clean and precise, large-diameter cutting. The blade teeth boast exceptional strength and durability thanks to the additional impulse treatment. The best and most unique part about Felco tools is their parts are replaceable! Buy these hand tools once and they will truly last a lifetime!
Loppers & Shears: To help you control lawn and garden overgrowth, we offer an assortment of highly specialized cutting tools. Our sturdy loppers, and robust hedge shears reduce the hassle of cutting through woodier stems. Our selection of loppers and shears from Bloom come in a few different colors to satisfy and style or preference. Stop in and take a look at the fine craftsmanship of these and other great items.

Small Hand Tools

Not all gardening projects are equal. Sometime you need small hand tools like trowels, scoops or weeder. We carry comfortable Radius tools that feature a patented ergonomic grip. The comfortable curve provides more leverage with less wrist stress. The aluminum blades are surprisingly light yet remarkably strong! We have to tool for any job, just take a look. The Trowel, The Transplanter, The Weeder, The Cultivator, The Hand Fork and finally The Scooper. All to make it easier on you.

Joseph Bentley Hand Tools

If you are looking for a high-quality hand tool with a vintage look and feel, these new tools from Joseph Bentley are exactly what you need. Crafted from stainless steel and finished with an oak or ash wood handle, these tools give you the performance you need and the style you desire. These tools are crafted with care and are meant to last a lifetime. Be sure to check out our display of these fine hand tools.

Watering Supplies

Sprinklers & Watering Wands

Here at Bucks Country Gardens, we offer a full line up of watering accessories. You will find sprinklers and watering wands for every job.
Watering Wands: Dramm offers many different styles of watering wands and water diffusers. Choose from the Rain Wand with a brass shut off valve to the Revolver hand held wands. Each come in a variety of color as well as diffusing options. Choose a “jet” for strong water stream or shower for a plant soaking rain.
Sprinklers: Dramm also has sprinklers from oscillating rainbow sprinklers to classic impulse sprinklers. Make watering easier with a Watering Timer from Dramm. It turns the sprinkler on and off for you.

Watering Cans

For those small watering jobs or those time when you just don’t feel like digging out the hose, a watering can is the perfect solution. We have many different shapes, sizes, and colors of watering cans for you to choose from to tackle any watering job – big or small.

Garden Hoses & Adapters

Your plants need water just like you do. The Dramm Premium Rubber hose is built tough for every day use, yet has the soft and flexible outer jacket that has proven to be an industry standard.  It is made from “crackless” rubber that is resistant to abrasion and weathering.  Its hexagonal shaped is designed to reduce kinking and it is fitted with nickel-plated brass fittings with are meant to last a lifetime.  The Swan® WaterSaver™ hose is great for garden chores. Its light weight and smaller footprint make it easy to port around the yard. Its reduced water flow conserves water while maintaining pressure for even the most challenging cleaning jobs. Its tough, clear jacket and reinforcement provide durability and performance. A solid ABS high impact plastic finger-tite® female coupling makes attaching the hose to the spigot a snap. Choosing the right garden hose can help your project run smoother. Choose from light duty, medium duty, contractor series or our heavy duty series to get the job done.

Irrigation System Supplies

Keep your garden well watered even when your not at home. With our complete line of irrigation products, we can show you how to set up the proper irrigation system for your patio, garden bed, or container garden.  We have everything from irrigation timers, sprinklers & drippers to underground hoses, hose repair and flow control accessories.  No matter what your needs are, large or small, we have exactly what you need.  We also have replacement parts for all of your irrigation mishaps.

Storage Accessories

Storage Crates & Buckets

When gardening in tight places, it may be easier to use a gardening bucket to pull weeds, move soil or spread mulch. Featuring Earth’s most multi-use gardening bucket. Great for harvesting those fresh-from-the-vine vegetables or for carrying your garden tools. Generous handle with finger grooves is strong and allows for easier, more comfortable gripping than other buckets. Made from 40% recycled polyethylene material. Flexible, UV stabilized. Perfect for weeding, holding soil or mulch or filling with water to wash your car.

Hose Reels

Keep your hoses wrapped up when they aren’t in use. It will make them last longer by keeping kinks out and will protect them from physical damage. We carry hose reel carts, storage bowls and reel boxes to keep your hoses in prime condition. Choose from ceramic to plastic, iron to aluminum. Looking for something specific? Ask one of our garden experts.

Gardening Accessories

Gloves & Apparel

Gloves are the most important gardening tool around. They protect our hands to keep the gardening going. The ergonomic design, soft cotton knit shell and flexible palm coatings make Atlas Fit Gloves one of the most comfortable and versatile work gloves on the market. Atlas Fit Gloves outperform leather and cotton gloves by providing superior durability and dexterity. Their curved shape, combined with the finest quality coatings and high quality knit-stitched shell reduces hand fatigue and allows workers to perform both detailed tasks and heavy duty jobs with ease and comfort. Mud Gloves are designed with specific purposes in mind, focused on comfort and dependability. Choose from Mud Original for durability in mud and dirt, Cool Mud for gloves with Aloe Vera to keep hands soft and cool, even Guantlet gloves designed specifically for rose trimming.

Kneeling & Knee Pads

New for 2017! We now offer Ultra Cushion knee pads from Burgon & Ball as well as the POC-KIT Utility Belt.

Knee pads from Tommy Co. will keep you gardening all day long. Made with new injected HONEYCOMB GEL with 50% less weight than regular gel unique inner soft elastic sleeves secures the kneepads in place. Patented cover suspends knee, redirecting pressure away from the delicate patella bone. Unique raised upper padded lip provides extra comfort and holds kneepad in place. Work from a kneeling pad to keep mobility at 100%. Perfect if you are going to be kneeling for an extended period of time. Built with Tommy Co top quality NitroFoam for added durability and comfort. Extra strong tear resistant padding.  We also carry a variety of kneeling pads if knee pads aren’t for you.  Kneeling pads are great for gardening as you can move them to wherever you need them without having to worry about strapping anything to your person.