A Trickle of Tranquility!

There are few sounds as lovely and soothing as the sound of water flowing. Browse through our assortment of different fixtures from fountains and wall mounted to mid-size and grand statuary pieces. Our specialists will help you choose the right piece to achieve the sound, scene and texture you’re seeking. Whether you choose a quiet steady flow or a faster, waterfall-type sound, the right garden fountain can be a true work of art! We also carry a complete line of quality pond care products. A pond is a dynamic and ever-changing community of plants and animals.  Be sure to fill your pond with more than just water by checking out our selection of aquatic plants and Koi fish! We can help you start and maintain your own home oasis and add the peacefulness and serenity of a garden pond to your private escape.

Pond Liner

Underneath the beautiful foliage and active aquatic life of your pond lies the product that keeps it functioning effectively. EPDM Pond Liners are the true foundation of your pond. By installing permanent pond liners that will withstand a variety of weather and water conditions, you can avoid the hassle of regularly replacing this integral part of your pond. Durable EPDM Pond Liners are specially formulated for water gardens. Available by the foot in 10′, 15′ & 20′ wide rolls.

Pumps & Filters

Keeping fish happy goes further than just feeding them. Providing air into the water is essential. With our selection of pumps, your fish will be provided with an abundance of air and it will add that desired sound of falling water. Be sure the choose the right size pump for your pond as well as changing out the filter when need be.  As always, you can ask one of our friendly team members if you need help choosing the right size pump for your pond or fountain.

Koi Fish & Goldfish

Brighten up your pond with extreme orange and exotic whites. Koi and Butterfly Koi fish are some of the most popular garden fish out in the Market today and we stock plenty as well as standard goldfish and shubukin koi. No backyard pond would ever be complete without these little guys so make sure you pick some up for your new or pre-existing pond.

Fish Food

Feeding your fish is extremely important. Fish food provides them with the nutrients they need to thrive and become bigger and stronger. Natural fish can eat the algae from deep, murky ponds, but fish in clear shallow ponds have much less to feed from. Be sure to grab the right food. There are specific foods for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.


Live pond plants enhance the beauty of your pond or water garden while oxygenating water and removing naturally occurring organics. Our pond plants are grown in individual pots and have established root systems.  Choose from lotus, lilies, water hyacinth, water lettuce, iris and many more.


We have classical concrete fountains to fun whimsical fountains. Ceramic or tin, they offer a piece of serenity. Choose from large or small, loud or quiet. Placing a few small droplets of coloring, will provide your fountain with a unique colored water and a great display piece. We also offer lighting for fountains to keep the beauty at night time.