Mother’s Day Traditions

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I’ve waited so long for spring to arrive and it’s finally here! We just celebrated Easter and now Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Being in retail, you gauge the time of year by the holidays or promotions going on and Bucks Country Gardens has a lot to celebrate during the busy spring months.

Spring for me is very rich in tradition with family holidays and get-togethers.  At this point in my life, a lot has changed. Both of my daughters are out of the house and I work every weekend, so it’s hard to see each other like we used to.

To celebrate Mother’s Day when I was a child, we would all get together as a family for brunch and go to Sunnybrook ballroom in Pottstown. We would pick up my Grandmothers in my family’s motor home and drive down. They had a wonderful brunch with an organ player and every Mother received a plant! Every year I can still hear my Grammy and Baba remark on how beautiful the azaleas were along our route. Times have changed, Sunnybrook is no longer in business and I no longer have my Grandmothers. However, I still try to carry on traditions, even though I may not be with my family on that special day. We all know we love each other and we will celebrate when we can get together.

One tradition that I have started since I started working at Bucks Country Gardens is taking my Mom to the Bucks County Designer House. Each year as a company, we participate in the Designer House and transform a home that usually needs a lot of attention into something quite spectacular. One of my jobs is working with the Landscape Design Team and embellishing the home’s backyard into a living outdoor space. I love this part of my job and enjoy hearing all of the favorable comments from the ladies (and men) who visit. And I love to share this experience with my Mom.

Every year I buy the tickets and give my Mom a day of “Donna” for Mother’s Day. Because we live in Nazareth, which is about an hour away, we start our trek to the Designer House first thing in the morning. We spend hours going through each of the rooms, discussing every detail. Next we head to the outdoor landscapes of the property and enjoy those areas just as much as the inside. My mother makes notes on what she wants to do at her house this year. Next, we head to the cafe for a coffee and a snack and chat it up with the other ladies (my Mom loves to talk to every one) and talk about our favorite rooms. Then, we are off to the boutique to see what is new and what we can’t live without! By this time, we decide if we need to go back in the house for a second tour or if it is time to head into Doylestown for lunch. After lunch we head to Bucks Country Gardens to pick out all the plants she fell in love with and for her beloved red geraniums. When we are done, we start our trip home but not before we stop for an ice cream and rehash our favorite parts of the day, like what we loved at the Designer House and how we can incorporate that into our homes. This is our tradition every year and I love every part of it. When I drop her off at home we unload her treasures and tell my Dad all about our day and the list of projects she wants him to do since she has all of her new ideas. Uh oh!

By the end of the day we are too tired to do anything else but relax. Why not? It was her Mother’s day and mine as well.  We enjoyed our yearly Designer House visit and our day together. We don’t get to spend that much time with each other in the spring, so I relish these little traditions we have during this crazy time of year.

This years Bucks County Designer House is located at Serendipity Farms, 131 Pine Mill Circle in Doylestown, Pa. The Farm is open from April 27-May 31.For more information about the tour, please visit their website

Start a new tradition with your Mom this year.

Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

Donna Dentner | Lifestyles Manager