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I never really knew the importance of feeding wild birds until I worked at Bucks Country Gardens. Growing up in the mountains, I would always see the pretty birds and admire them from afar; but with that being said, it’s equally as important to take the steps to keep them around as it is to watching them swirl and twirl in the air.

The most important time to take extra care of nature’s feathered friends is during the winter months. The winter brings on harsh winds, chilly temperatures, and natural food sources, like berries and bugs, become sparse, and sometimes nonexistent. So, as the temperatures dip low, look no further than your own backyard for a variety of wild birds such as bright and plump red cardinals, juncos, and finches, to sparrows, bluebirds, woodpeckers to keep fed and sheltered.

The Bird Department at Bucks County Gardens is your one-stop shop for all things birds! Discover feeders, houses, birdbath heaters, and varieties of seed to attract backyard birds.


Snowy, cold weather and the pink-billed Juncos are a match made in heaven. You will often find more of these birds during the winter months.  In fact, this gray and white bird with a pink bill is also known as the ‘snow bird.’ They prefer to forage on the ground or from the feeder. If you’re looking to attract and keep these birds around, they appreciate millet, sunflower hearts, cracked corn, and the fruit and seed heads left on the plants and grasses in your landscape.


Did you know that most bluebirds overwinter here in Pennsylvania? Their pretty and vibrant color makes them easy to spot against a snowy landscape. Unlike most birds that feed at the feeder, bluebirds actually feed inside of their home so they are protected from predators like blue jays and starlings. Mealworms are their preferred meal of choice, but they also enjoy suet and colorful jellies.

You can hang a Bugs & Nut seed bell from MR. BIRD that attracts the bluebirds— A delectable treat for wild birds, as well.  We also carry an attractive, eco-friendly metal and glass Mealworm feeder that attracts birds all year long.


If you adore bird watching, here are a few tips and tricks to keep them coming back! Follow these 5 simple steps and see how many different kinds of birds you can attract to your backyard!

1. Fill feeders during the late afternoon. It’s a great time for them to feed before they seek shelter and settle in for the evening.

2. Sprinkle a little birdseed on the ground. Your ground feeding birds will be extra happy!

3. Just like humans, birds need shelter, especially when the weather gets cold. Leave your birdhouses out all year. Also look for birds in your hardy trees and shrubs!

4. Set up different feeders at different heights and locations in your yard. More birds will flock at the opportunity for food!

5. While natural water sources tend to freeze, it is important that birds find a water source. We have just the product for you—an All Season 3 in 1 Heated Birdbath. The birds will love the shallow design. It holds over 1 quart of water and is thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary, which will save electricity. Designed to be used all year, this birdbath has three different mounting options for excellent functionality in your landscape.


January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day, and to appreciate them, here are a few fun facts about our bushy-tailed backyard critters: Did you know that squirrels are surprisingly fast, and can reach a whopping 20 miles per hour?! Most gray types of squirrels can jump as high as 8 feet from a stationary position. Perhaps the most impressive fact is that a squirrel’s four front teeth can grow about 10 inches each year… gnawing keeps them short. There are 285 squirrel species in the world including, ground, tree, and flying… how many can you find in your own back yard?

You see, our feathered friends are just as important as any other of nature’s creatures! It’s imperative that we do our part and help them thrive during these winter months. Stop by our Bird Department and speak to any one of our knowledgeable sales staff to steer you in the right direction to keep your birds happy and healthy! And here is where I leave you all with a challenge… set out some seed, put up a house or two, and let us know how many different species of birds you can bring to your backyard. Happy Bird Watching!!

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