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Decorated Tree

Christmas is such a magical time of the year at Bucks Country Gardens. The tinsel that hangs from the doorways, the garland that drapes across the mantle, the lights that twinkle in the reflection of glass ornaments, and even the gifts under the tree would not be possible without the vision and talent of our designers and buyers.

For those of you who may not know, Christmas begins way before November gets torn off the wall calendar. While decking the walls at Bucks Country Gardens may begin in September, the ideas of next year’s Christmas begins the year before. Our designers work for weeks to make sure that everyone who comes to Bucks Country Gardens around the holidays has a jolly-good time and they can continue to carry on traditions and make each year better than the last.

With out further adieu, meet this year’s designers and see what they have to say about how they prepare for the holidays, their personal design style, and what they can do for you this time of the year! Plus, you’ll get a sneak peak at what’s to come this holiday season at Bucks Country Gardens.

Greg, Donna & Zarrus Kathy & Ed
Greg, Donna & Zarrus (left to right) Kathy & Ed


Donna Dentner

1: What excited you on your buying trips for this Christmas season?

This Christmas season saw the return to more of a traditional feel. I found a lot of vintage decor, old-fashioned Shiny Brights, tinsel, glass ornaments. I think people can relate to a time when things were simpler and easier with just a feel-good vibe during the holidays.

I remember my Grandmother’s silver tinsel tree with a revolving color wheel that changed the color of the tree. We found a color wheel for our customers to evoke their own feeling of nostalgia. A big theme this year is snowmen as it relates to the infamous top hat that every snowman, or woman, should have! We’re calling it, “No Top Hat Required,” and it features a red, black, white color scheme.

2: Which theme is your favorite this year?

Squirrel OrnamentMy favorite theme is the Bucks County tree, it consists of natural, earthy items such as berries and lots of animals! Deer, raccoons, squirrels, and of course, bears–oh my! This is in our reception area and looks pretty awesome with all of the woodland items. It’s like a forest with all of Mother Nature’s animals celebrating Christmas!

3: What can customers expect to see this year during the holiday season?

Customers will see some new ideas, as well as sticking with a traditional theme, but with a new twist. You’ll have to come in and see for yourself! There will be something for everyone,, including a Nordic European tree with lots of wood items reminiscent of the old world craftsmanship.


Kathy Evans

1: What is your favorite part about setting up for Christmas at Bucks Country Gardens?

I enjoy working with a team of creative people to put together fun themes, with unusual twists.

2: Our design and set up services are something that make us unique, tell me about what specific decorating services you can provide as a designer.

SwagI can decorate indoor mantles, tress, tables, and garlands. For outdoor decorating, I can design wreaths, greens planters, and swags or garlands.

3: What makes Christmas extra magical at Bucks Country Gardens?

I think Christmas is magical at Bucks Country Gardens because the whole store is transformed into themed tree sections, and visiting at Christmas is like walking through a Christmas festival, which lifts everyone’s spirits.


Greg Orme

1: Buying trips always happen a year ahead, what stood out the most on this holiday season’s trip? What was the most memorable?

What stood out the most was the Woodland themes, which was great because we switched our layout and the Woodland area now , includes three themed trees:; Nordic, Bucks County, and Frost.

2: Do you keep your personal design style in mind when buying for the holidays at BCG? If so, which themed tree would define your style?

I do and I don’t. As a buyer, I have to be very conscious of what our customers respond to, not how I would decorate. For example, Woodland mentioned above. I love the look for the store and so will our customers, but I wouldn’t necessarily decorate that way at home. Other themes are more my own personal style. I love the vintage area because it reminds me of my childhood, all the décor passed down from my grandparents, trips into Philadelphia to see Santa and the big department stores like Wanamaker’s, Strawbridge’s and Gimbel’s.

3: What is your favorite collectible line of holiday decor that we carry?

Deer with ScarfMy returning favorite is Karen Didion. I really like the Santas she creates. They have sweet faces and range from traditional red suited Santa to offbeat ones like Beach Santa and Duckhunter Santa. A new line, Nordic Dreams is probably my new favorite. These wooden elves are hand crafted in Estonia and again, just have the cutest, sweetest faces. They are also inexpensive so anyone could start a collection. A special nod goes to Byers’ Choice Carolers. This year they’ve added the Jolly Happy Souls, a collection of absolutely adorable snow people. I do love these!


Ed Briel

1: What is your favorite part about setting up for Christmas at Bucks Country Gardens?

My favorite part of Christmas here is seeing how it all seems to come together into a completed design and how it all seems to flow.

2: Our design and set up services are something that make us unique, tell me about what specific decorating services you can provide as a designer.

With my many years of doing Christmas set-ups and display merchandising, I can offer most anything of their needs, from doing the work for them to showing and teaching them how to do it on their own. No job is too small, nor too hard to complete.

3: What makes Christmas extra magical at Bucks Country Gardens?

Seeing the faces of our customers when they visit and say how great it all looks and how it makes them feel.


Zarrus Wind

Christmas Floral Arrangement1: What kind of custom arrangements can you create for the holidays? And, what materials are used to create these arrangements?

Centerpieces, garlands for mantles, columns, or banisters, indoor or outdoor wreaths, and so much more. These arrangements can be lit or unlit and adorned with berries, silk flowers, twigs, ornaments, family heirlooms, the possibilities are really endless!

2: What is your personal style of design?

Traditional with a twist. Contemporary to the unusual for perhaps an industrial vibe or period pieces, such as mid century modern or pop art.

3: What makes our Design Services Unique and Special?

I work directly with my customer and pull out all of the possibilities that can be created, then edit them down to a select few choices. I also take into account a custom size to fit in any area or shelf space. Sometimes I am given control by the customer to alter, add or omit an item if I see fit, which can sometimes only be determined during the creative process.

Christmas OrnamentsChristmas is not something that Bucks Country Gardens takes lightly! We put months, into creating the most magical experience for all of our customers. Stop by and see what we have in store for your holiday season, and come talk with any of our designers to see what they can do for you and your holiday home décor!

Jessie Tanski | BCG Blogger