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With so many options in artificial Christmas tree construction, how do you know which one is best suited to your tastes, ornaments and decorating style? Here are a few tips from the pros to help demystify the world of artificial Christmas trees:


Polyethylene (PE) tips are the most lifelike tip option available. By molding the tip into the shape of needles, PE tips look and feel like a real tree. Great for trees that are lightly decorated, giving them a real look that will suit any style.



Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) tips are the classic material used in artificial Christmas trees. Layering and cutting PVC creates a rounded and lifelike tip. Great for commercial décor and heavily decorated trees.


Hard Needle

Hard needle tips are composed of long needles used to create the appearance of a full pine tree. The unique full tips give the tree a realistic and woodsy feel. Best used with an earthy décor such as a cabin or birch theme.


PVC Hard Needle

The combination of PVC and Hard needle tips is used to create a lush, full tree. PVC and Hard needle trees can usually be found adorned by pinecones, helping give them a rustic and down-to-earth feel.

PVC Hard

PE/PVC Hard Needle

The combination of a PE, PVC, and Hard needle tip creates a unique style that is sure to grab your attention. These trees are remarkable enough to stand on their own in any setting.



Frosted tips are covered in a light dusting of a shiny iridescent material that gives the tree a fresh frosted look. Perfect for giving the tree a whimsical sparkle without the look of heavy snow.



Flocked tips are covered in a white fluffy material that mimics the appearance of snow. The amount of flocking can range from heavily flocked, to a more mild coverage, but no matter the amount of flocking applied to the tip, this look evokes a snowy wonderland.


At Bucks Country Gardens, we also offer a wide selection of trees that make setting up a breeze and keeping the lights on hassle-free.


Set up a tree quicker and easier than ever before. The one-plug tree is the newest technology in artificial trees with a unique pole-to-pole electrical connection system, so there is only one plug and no cords to hassle with throughout the tree.


Inside every light socket is a ‘silent sentry’ – a tiny microchip that keeps the light string operating. When all bulbs in the string are operating properly, the chip does nothing. As soon as something happens to a bulb – whether it gets broken, becomes loose, falls out, burns out – the chip takes over, keeping the rest of the string operating properly.

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