Petunias, Please!

Published by Bucks Country Gardens in Plants

To me, petunias are the annual that never ceases to amaze! I just love waking up in the morning with my cup of tea and sitting out on my porch looking at my flower pots bursting with gorgeous fragrant flowers!  I think they are one of the easiest annuals to care for and they give back so much in return.

Petunias come in so many different colors and varieties that you can add them to just about anything–from beautifully arranged container gardens or flowerbeds, to hanging baskets. I have added them to each one of those places simply because I can’t do without.

Although there are many different varieties of petunias, my favorite is the Supertunia! This one requires absolutely no deadheading as they are mostly a self-cleaning variety. This particular variety is best suited for container gardens or hanging baskets because of their natural ability to cascade.

At the Garden Center, Wave Petunias are a fan favorite. I like to plant these in the flower beds in front of my perennials every summer because of their aptitude to really spread out and fill in for that huge burst of color that I seem to need in those long hot summer months. They bloom nonstop!

The upright petunia variety is a pretty well-rounded one. I use this variety in my container gardens and hanging baskets to add some height to the arrangement. In my experience, this type takes a little more attention than the other two. To me, it’s almost therapeutic to come home after a long day at work and spend some time deadheading in the garden while talking on the phone with friends or sipping a glass of wine.

If you want to garden like a professional, Jack’s Classic Petunia Feed is the way to go for these babies hands down! Not only does this water soluble Petunia Feed fertilize my petunias, I can also use this fertilizer on Million Bells, Bacopa, Verbena, Vinca, Salvia, Pansy, Snapdragons and many more. This particular fertilizer is made for flowering annuals such as these, with extra iron to prevent the tips of the plants from yellowing and extra magnesium to keep the lower leaves green. It’s pretty much the only fertilizer I use when it comes to my petunias.

Tiffany Bainbridge | Greenhouse Supervisor