winter garden

Find the best plants for your garden at Bucks Country Gardens!

Our Greenhouse and Nursery is stocked year-round with the highest quality and best-looking plants we can find. We take the time to select only the best plants to be sure the one your choose is money well spent.  Bucks Country Gardens is known for its unparalleled selection of healthy annuals, perennials, flowering containers, hanging baskets, vegetable plants and more. Alongside knowledge and a friendly staff, we are your one-stop-shop for everything plant related!

Just what the doctor ordered …

When problems occur in your garden, your ability to visit the “doctor” at Bucks Country Gardens can offer great comfort and provide you with the best remedy for your garden woes. When combating disease and pests that can be devastating to your garden, you need a dependable resource to get professional advice and potential cures. Whether there is black spot on your roses or Japanese beetles on your plum trees, a prescription can be written and purchased right at our Garden Pharmacy.

Our Garden Pharmacy is just one of the many unique services we offer to provide accurate and successful solutions to your gardening needs. By utilizing an extremely knowledgeable staff of “doctors” and offering a variety of garden pharmaceutical products, we are able to diagnose, prescribe and treat all of your plant concerns.

No appointment is needed. Simply bring in a sample of the infected plant, tree or shrub. Choose a specimen that contains a good representation of the problem such as a stem with infected leaves, a branch containing pests that are present or just the result of those pests.

Our Bucks Country Gardens pharmacy specialists will recommend treatment using an organic or synthetic method, depending on the problem and your preference. Also, we like feedback! We encourage our customers to report the status of their situations. We work with you and get you on the road to recovery. At Bucks Country Gardens, we want our neighbors’ gardens to grow and grow healthy. Just like your local doctor’s office, we offer preventative and diagnostic care, except we focus on your garden! Best of all, we still make house calls!