The Benefits of Container Gardening – Ease, Space, Design

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Container gardening is an excellent way to grow flowers and vegetables, especially for people who love to garden but don’t have the room. Any patio, deck, or balcony can be brightened with flowers in containers and they extend a warm welcome to all that come to visit.

Colorful pots can also be placed among groundcovers under trees, for color in a situation where trying to grow flowers in the ground would be impossible. Hanging baskets of flowers can be casually strewn in trees, suspended by nylon rope or chain, or hung from the roof of your porch or balcony. By growing plants in containers, you can bring color into the areas where you spend the most time outside – instead of “way out there” in the garden! 

Signature Container Gardens

Let us do the dirty work! We can create beautiful, lush container gardens that compliment any outdoor living space. Click the image to the right to learn more about our signature container gardens!

Container Gardening Basics

Add Thrillers

Begin with the tallest plant in the container. This is going to be your “statement” plant – the one that is your center of interest. This is typically something big and bold: plants 18″ and up. Typically, you would want to plant this in the center of your container so you can build other plants around it.  However, if you have a container that is up against a wall, you could place your thriller towards the back of the container.

Our suggestions include Cana, Angelonia, Grasses and Dracaena.

Add Fillers

Fill around the thriller–adding foliage or flowering plants that will complement, but not compete with the thriller. Use a mid-size plant 6″ – 12.” Make sure you choose fillers that have the ability to spread but don’t get too tall.  Also be sure to leave some room between your fillers to allow them to spread.

Our suggestions includes Petunias, Gerber Daisies, Lantana and Nemesia.

Add Spillers

Finally, place trailing plants around the outer edges of the container. This creates a spilling over the edge appearance. The spillers are meant to be more of an accent plant rather than something that completely engolfs the side of the container.  Add a few spillers sparing in-between your fillers.

Our suggestions include Bacopa, Million Bells, Potato Vine and Verbena.