Grow your own food!

Make your edible garden the most colorful part of your natural landscape. Edible gardening has become a staple for regular gardeners as they are looking for fresher, better, and more oraganic fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Having your own edible garden can be a very rewarding experience.

What exactly is edible gardening?

Edible gardening is the intermixing of vegetables, herbs, and fruits into your “traditional” landscape or perennial bed. The following are some ways that you can achieve an edible landscape at home: blended gardening, square foot gardening, and patio gardening. So, this year as you’re planning your vegetable garden for the first time or the twentieth time, consider trying some of these growing trends in do-it-yourself vegetable gardening.

If you are trying your hand at growing your own tomatoes and peppers this year, don’t forget some key elements that are critical to your success.

  • Pick a site that gets plenty of sunshine– at least 6 hours each day to ensure that your food crops mature properly.
  • Good soil and proper drainage are vital. Add organic matter such as Bumper Crop to amend the soil.
  • Gardens closer to a water source work better, or try using a soaker hose. plants | When selecting which veggies to grow, learn how much space, water, and fertilizer each plant needs.
  • Have fun!

Blended Gardens

Blended gardens allow you to create a fun and multi- functional backyard full of color, texture, and fresh vegetables. You can use smaller fruiting plants (such as blueberries and raspberries) as substitutes for shrubbery. Perennial herbs, including thyme, rosemary or tarragon are great for small spaces and make a wonderfully fragrant ground cover. So, have fun blending together veggies like lettuce and kale, and herbs next to your petunias and salvia this year!

The basic concept of a square foot garden is to create a grid divided into sections. For example: a 4′ x 4′ (16 sq ft) area would then be divided into approximately one square foot units and marked out accordingly with edging, railroad ties, or anything that remains visible as the garden develops. Then in each individual square a different vegetable or herb is planted in that section. The number of plants in each square depends on the size of the plant. This allows for a wide array of crops to be grown and easily maintained.

Patio/Container Gardening

Patio/container gardening is a great way to get your fresh vegetables and herbs when you have limited time or space to garden. Plant your veggies in containers or window boxes out on the back porch. If you like to cook with fresh herbs, consider growing them in decorative pots–they are easy to grow and budget friendly. A great way to get the kids involved is to create a theme garden, for instance a pizza garden using different tomatoes and basil or a salsa garden that has hot peppers and cilantro. Another way is to have the biggest tomato competition. It’s not only fun, but it’s also very rewarding!




Great slicer! Juicy large fruit, with great shelf life and disease resistance.

Big Boy

big boy

Large, Firm, Meaty Fruit. Great flavor and great slicing tomato.

Better Boy

better boy

Meaty, flavorful red slicing tomato. Good disease resistance.

Early Girl

early girl

Similar fruit to a Big Boy or Better Boy, just harvested earlier.



Great disease resistance, meaty flavorful HUGE fruit, Great for slicing!

Sweet 100

sweet 100

Super sweet tomato great for salads! HUGE producer… hence the name.

Red Grape

red grape

One of the best grape tomato varieties.

Roma Plum

roma plum

Great for canning and homemade sauces. Delicious fruit and prolific variety.

Yellow Pear

yellow pear

Tiny yellow grape tomatoes. Very sweet!

Black Cherry

black cherry

Small dark red cherry tomato with a rich, sweet flavor.



Perfect tomato for small garden spaces or pots on the patio. Great disease resistance.

Heirloom Tomatoes



Amish variety, pale pink skin and mild flavor. Good slicing tomato for sandwiches.

Belgium Giant

belgium giant

Very large fruit with a meaty flavor. A bigger plant to support those big tomatoes!



Large, red, meaty fruit thats great for slicing. A heavy producer.

Mortgage Lifter

mortgage lifter

A mild-flavored slicing tomato with more of a pink skin than bright red. Heavy producer.

Black Krim

black krim

Medium sized dark maroon and purple fruit.

Cherokee Purple

cherokee purple

Full flavored slicing tomato with rosy colored skin. Medium-sized fruit.

Old German

old german

Huge yellow-orange fruit, slicing tomato thats great for sandwiches.

Lemon Boy

lemon boy

Delicious bright yellow, 7-ounce fruit. Disease resistant.

Elberta Peach

elberta peach

A striped plum tomato.

Vegetables & Fruit

Aristocrat Zucchini


Adaptable variety of squash with high yields and 6-7″ fruits.

Black Beauty Eggplant


The most common eggplant on the market–early producer.

Spaghetti Squash

spaghetti squach

Gets its name from the stringy spaghetti-like interior. Perfect for vegetable pasta!

Burpless Cucumber

burpless cucumber

Great for slicing! Medium to large fruit size.

Bush Cucumber

bush cucumber

Perfect for pickling! Small to medium size fruit. Great for containers!



The quintessential summertime fruit!


California Wonder & Better Bell

cali wonder

The two best green sweet bell peppers.

Red Beauty

red beauty

Red sweet bell pepper.

Orange Bell

orange bell

A colorful alternative to green and red bells.

Golden Bell

golden bell

Great for salads and stuffing.



This plant bears orange, purple, red, yellow & green fruit.



Medium heat pepper. Great for poppers!



Exceptionally hot pepper! Bite one… if you dare!



Mild heat pepper. Great for roasting!


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An evergreen herb with culinary, medicinal, and ornamental uses.



Perennial plant with a mild onion flavor.



Evergreen herb with multiple uses.



In the celery family with a mild licorice flavor.



Highly-potent herb commonly used in pickling.



A woody aeromatic herb perfect on a nice juicy steak!



Aeromatic herb with culinary and medicinal properties.



Also knows as Coriander, similar to parsley.



The herb of choice in pesto sauce!



In the mint family and a perfect addition to a slice of pizza!



A common herb used in a variety of ways.

Summer Savory

summer savory

Used similarly to sage with a bitter flavor



The perfect sugar substitute! This herb has a very sweet sugary flavor.



Spearmint, Peppermint, Orange Mint, & Lemon Balm.

Lemon Grass

lemon grass

Culinary and medicinal purpose with a fresh lemon scent.