Ready for Radiant Orchid

Published by Bucks Country Gardens in Plants

Oh, how the gray days of winter beckon for bursts of bright colors. A mere glimpse at a vibrant hue and I’m ready to make changes, start the new year with a bang and forget about the cold, bleak weather of January. And as reliable as an inconvenient weather-related drive to work during this time of year, Pantone’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, is sure to make me daydream of warm spring days surrounded by the prettiest things imaginable.

Pantone, the global authority on color, celebrates their 50th anniversary this year. Amazing! But what’s more amazing is that their color matching system is used daily around the world by graphic designers, interior designers, fashion designers, floral designers, landscape designers, basically all sorts of designers as well as printers, painters, manufacturers, retailers… just about anyone and everyone who relies on accurate communication of color. And since 2000, the color experts at Pantone have been combing the world in search of the Color of the Year, looking for color influences that best describe the current global spirit.

No doubt we will see a healthy smattering of this year’s color Radiant Orchid, a captivating pinkish purple, at Fashion Week, on the Red Carpet, in home dècor offerings, on appliances, in make-up palettes…even in the garden.

Radiant Orchid evokes creativity and ingenuity, which are the perfect catalysts to keep you from waning interest in completing your New Year’s resolutions (it is still January, you know!)… If updating your look or your home is on your list, read on for a few suggestions for quick and easy ways to be on-trend and on-track.

At home, add splashes of this warm, inviting hue through the use of pillows, area rugs, wall art, lamp shades and other accessories. If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, update a powder room or create an accent wall with Radiant Orchid paint. Yes, Pantone actually has it’s own line of paint, available at Lowe’s.

A must-have for your indoor garden is the plant that inspired the name. Orchids are beautiful and elegant, with it’s long, graceful stem and delicate, tropical-like blooms, especially in vibrant pink or purple. They will add just the right amount of spring color to your kitchen, home office, bathroom or bedroom. It’s the perfect accent color to pair with neutral beiges, grays and blues. For a true tropical feel, add pops of orange, teal and chartreuse with other houseplants, pots, or even table or bath linens. Ahh, I can already feel the warm, gentle breeze now…where’s my margarita?

Most if all, what I think is so great about Radiant Orchid is it’s versatility. Use it at home, in the garden or on you! Perfect for most skin types, this peppy color looks great on both men and women. Lightweight sweaters, tunics and billowy blouses paired with black leggings, white trouser pants or beige capris create a vibrant and classic spring wardrobe. Accessorize with a great purse, sheer scarf and metallic jewels and really be radiant! For men, a brilliant purple tie against a dark colored shirt adds pizazz to a tailored suit. For the weekend, a basic orchid-colored polo shirt and patch-work plaid shorts in blue creates a striking yet casual appeal, perfect for a backyard BBQ or day out on the golf course.

Over the next few weeks, all things bright and cheery and spring-like will be popping up all around the garden center. Without exception, the magical warmth of Radiant Orchid home, garden and lifestyle wares will certainly charm their way into your heart and your home. Adiòs winter blues!

Adriene Vesci | Graphic Designer & Advertising Coordinator