Refresh Your Mail & Lantern Posts :: A Walpole Outdoors® Post Makeover

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Duet Post

Make an everlasting first impression. When arriving to a home, the first element you gaze upon is the mailbox or lantern. They welcome guests and create a destination point. Homeowners have mailbox or lantern posts for as long as a lifetime. But, is your mail post looking as old as you feel? Is paint faded or chipping away from your lantern post? Give your posts a refresh with Walpole Outdoors®!

Bucks Country Gardens is a proud partner with Walpole – taking your landscape to a whole new level. Did you know we are Bucks County’s ONLY authorized reseller of Walpole!? They have been in business for over 80 years and are a leader in their industry. They offer many different low-maintenance architectural products including fences, arbors, enclosures, mail posts, lanterns, mailboxes, and more. Using only the finest materials and sophisticated engineering technology, Walpole is sure to deliver! But, let’s focus on the first impression – giving a facelift to your mail and lantern posts…

It’s all about the look. What style will compliment your home, stand out, or welcome guests? We offer a great selection of superior quality materials. Walpole is America’s most experienced cellular PVC company and has spent over 10 years working with some of some of the finest equipment manufactures to deliver their quality products. All Walpole products are engineered using state-of-the-art technologies and are manufactured using the best equipment on the market.

Post Materials

Azek Post

All the benefits of natural wood without all the hassle! Azek is a low-maintenance substitute for natural wood that has the same look and feel, but never needs repainting or repair and lasts for years! It is a much lighter alternative to natural wood that looks just as good – if not better! When planning your next outdoor project, look into Azek as the perfect natural wood substitute.

Natural Wood Post

If you prefer a more natural finish for your next outdoor project, Walpole offers the finest, decay-resistant northern white cedar. This wood is durable, handsome-looking, and cut at Walpole’s own mills in Maine. Each piece is milled to exact specifications, which ensures you get the quality product you are looking for with a hand-crafted look and feel. This has been their wood building material of choice for over 80 years and is sure to live up to its stellar reputation!

Post Quality & Installation

Quality of Walpole doesn’t stop at the materials – it continues with the service provided. As an additional service, Bucks Country Gardens offers on-site installation (inquire about installation fees). We ensure that posts are dug properly and carefully tamped. All products are accurately aligned, fastened securely, and the surrounding landscape is treated with respect. You don’t have to worry about your landscape being disrupted during installation of new outdoor projects. Rest assured, your installation will be done right the first time – every time!

A typical installation includes pre-assembly of a post in a controlled environment, traveling to job site, takedown and disposal of the old post, and installation of the new post (taking into account standard postal height requirements and setbacks). All utilities are marked thru PA 1CALL system prior to installation. Post depths into the ground average about 30” for lantern posts and 34-36” deep for mail posts. Concrete is used as need to further secure the new post.

And with mail and lantern posts, it is all about the placement. Light up your drive with a lantern closer to the middle of your landscape or move it forward to illuminate the street, creating a destination point. Place mail posts on either side of your drive or out front. Add a little drama with our wide selection of styles.

Not only do we have posts, we have mailboxes and lanterns of all different colors and styles for the cherry on top. Choose from steel, aluminum, strongbox, Coronado, and copper mailboxes. Add vinyl letters or numbers. We even have brass numbers as well. Lanterns range from sophisticated to nautical. The options are endless! Our most popular combinations are the Liberty mail posts with strongbox mailboxes and Avon lantern posts with Lexington lanterns. We’ll make sure you make the perfect choice…

Take drab to fab with Walpole products from Bucks Country Gardens! Here’s a few of our before and after pictures:

Oxford lantern post in AZEK and cream color. Augusta lantern.

AZEK St Andrew post, Aluminum black strong box, brass 4” numbers.

AZEK Liberty post, steel black strong box, vinyl lettering.

AZEK Liberty post, black strong box, vinyl numbers.

Duet post in cream, azek, aluminum strong boxes in navy, excavation is 100% rock!

Azek Dover post, premium aluminum black mailbox, vinyl numbers.

Azek Liberty post, customers own mailbox.

Don’t hesitate to speak with any of our sales associates to learn more about Walpole and begin the process of refreshing your mail and lantern posts today! Visit our Walpole display area at Bucks Country Gardens to see in-person samples for first impression inspiration.

Written by:

Heather Fesmire | Digital Marketing Assistant
Geoff Simpson | Landscape Manager