Relax in Style

Published by Bucks Country Gardens in Casual Furniture

The lazy days of summer are upon us and what better way to relax than in a hammock. I remember going to visit my cousins for a week in the summer and hanging out in the hammock. We would all get in and swing as high as we could to see who would be the first to fall out. We would laugh until our stomachs ached… or someone got hurt. Today there is no better way to decompress after a long day at the office than in a hammock.

Just the word “hammock” brings different images to mind. It may be a beach setting with the sound of waves in the background and your favorite cool drink. Or perhaps your thoughts bring you to secluded mountains with no one around for miles. Whatever your vision, resting in a hammock can be a wonderful experience.

There are many types of hammocks available but the one that comes to mind most often is the traditional rope hammock that originated off the coast of North Carolina. They are hand tied and generally made of cotton. Today’s hammocks have come a long way. No longer are you limited to knotted cotton which is susceptible to the elements, nor are you limited by color or style. Updated versions of the traditional hammock are constructed from a polyester blend that is rot, fade and mildew resistant, or try the modern style using a quilted, fade resistant fabric such as Sunbrella©.  At Bucks Country Gardens, we carry a variety of hammocks from Hatteras Hammock and Pawleys Island. Size-wise I prefer the double hammock. These are a delight to sleep in along with your pillow and throw!


If you are flummoxed by where to hang your hammock, a hammock stand is the ideal solution. No need to worry about finding trees equidistant from each other or digging holes for posts. Hammock stands make hanging a hammock easy–just assemble the stand, attach the hammock, and relax.

Perhaps you are tight on space. If you do not have room for a traditional hammock, hammock swings are the perfect alternative. At Bucks Country Gardens, we carry a line of hammock swings that have bright colored cushions and pillows in an adorable tote to take with you wherever you go. This style makes a great gift for the graduate heading off to college (it works great in a dorm room). A good friend of mine used to have a hammock chair hanging from a steel beam in her loft apartment during college and it was great fun to swing in year round.

And, don’t forget Dad–a hammock makes a great gift for Father’s Day! There’s nothing like a nap in a hammock after barbecuing or a round of golf.

Relax and Enjoy!

Donna Dentner | Lifestyle Manager