Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is – Shop Small

Published by Bucks Country Gardens in Bucks Country Gardens

Shop Local • Buy Local • Gift Local

Small Business Saturday has never resonated with me more like it does today. Some of you may or may not know, but I have made the trek half way across the country from Quakertown, Pennsylvania to Waukon, Iowa. I now live in a one traffic light county, where the closest “big box” store is a forty-minute drive; but our small town has everything that you need, from groceries to clothing and from flowers to petroleum. You see, I have been willingly forced to “shop small” over the last seven months, but I didn’t realize the impact I was making on the community by doing so…

American Express created the Small Business Saturday campaign in 2010 to urge shoppers to spend their money at their local businesses, rather than at big box stores. And for a good reason too, which I will share with you shortly…

If you decide to skip out on the chaos that encompasses Black Friday, we encourage you to participate in Small Business Saturday instead! You can contribute to shop owners, restaurants, and even farmers. Shopping small businesses and shopping locally is much more than you may think. It is…

Dreams Road Sign1. Supporting Dreams
By shopping at local businesses, you are enabling the dreams of the business owners. You are not only supporting their dreams, but you are becoming a part of them as well. By making a single purchase at one of these establishments you are, in retrospect, putting meals on tables, putting kids in school, and putting a sense of safety their minds. Small business owners opened these storefronts to follow a dream and to make a living. Thank you for making their dreams possible.

2. Supporting the Community
At Bucks Country Gardens, we pride ourselves in stocking our shelves with many locally made products. Some of these are made right here in Bucks County, like Babanonna’s Kiffles and Byer’s Choice Carolers, and some are a little further local like Stonewall Kitchen located in Maine. Either way, purchasing any of these products is fulfilling this campaign’s goals. Shopping small is building a better community because these local businesses are the heartbeat of their neighborhood and the backbone of your local economy.

money3. Supporting the LOCAL Economy
Did you know that for every $100 spent at a small business, 73 of those dollars get filtered back into the local economy? In fact, according to the American Independent Business Alliance, less than 14% of purchases at chain stores stay within the community. The Doylestown Co-op Food Market sources goods from roughly 103 farmers and producers. This is a chain reaction of giving back and just a small example of how shopping small really works.

4. Supporting a Good Cause
Don’t you feel better when you make a purchase knowing that in some way, it gives back to something? In some way, shape or form, every purchase that is made is going to a good cause. More specifically, smaller boutique companies are capable of offering more unique and special products. For example, you can only get the Bucks County Ball Ornament at Bucks Country Gardens. Chaves for Charity is a company that donates a portion of the proceeds of every beaded bracelet we sell to a different charity with each purchase. And, you guessed it…. it’s available right here in The Boutique at Bucks Country Gardens! I don’t know about you, but I am more likely to purchase something knowing that it goes to a good cause or gives back to the community. And, small businesses are more likely to carry those products than big box stores.

amex_shop_small_street_cmyk_grad_logo5. Support Bucks Country Gardens
We are proud to say that Bucks Country Gardens has been and continues to be a part of Small Business Saturday. And, we encourage you to support us and other local businesses by shopping local on November 26th. Inspire your friends and loved ones to put their money where their hearts are and support the Doylestown and surrounding communities this holiday season!

Now managing a small, local coffee shop in Decorah, Iowa, I understand that every purchase makes a difference. I understand the sacrifices that are made when going head to head with a large comparable chain store. But, as a customer or small business owner, being a part of a powerful movement to support small businesses isn’t just a trend to take part in… it’s supporting the community, supporting a good cause, supporting the local economy, and supporting dreams. The single question I will leave you with is, what will you do this year?