The Quest for the Best: Spartina Luxury Handbags

Published by Bucks Country Gardens in Boutique

I’m crazy for accessories. There I’ve said it!

Nothing can make or break an outfit more than the right, or wrong, fashion accessory.

Most of us girls can remember as children, raiding our mother’s closets to play dress up. For me, the best part was layering on my mom’s necklaces, bangle bracelets and scarves.  My mom was the queen of scarves. She was our hometown Isadora Duncan, the early 1900’s American dancer that was known for her flowing scarves. My mother also had an impressive collection of handbags (which she called “pocketbooks”) that she would change out depending on her outfit for the day. She loved her pocketbooks. I remember my brother and me teasing her because she always had enormous handbags that seemed to hold anything and everything. Need a nail file, bandaid, lozenger, wet wipe–it was in there. Even in our Easter finery family photo, there was the handbag front and center, casually draped but prominently displayed on her arm. Us children, we were off to the side!

Needless to say, handbags hold a special spot in my fashion heart and here at The Boutique at Bucks Country Gardens we carry handbags in every shape and size and for every occasion. One of our newest and most uniquely designed handbag and accessory line is Spartina 449. Spartina 449 was founded in 2009 on Daufuskie Island in South Carolina by Curt Seymour and his wife Kay Stanley. Kay is the main designer and draws inspiration from the Carolina low country for their line of uniquely designed handbags and accessories. Using durable linen spun from flax from Belgium and France, the unique weave creates a strong foundation representative of Spartina grass that grows in the salt marshes around Daufuskie Island. In addition to being more durable than the cotton fabric commonly used for handbags, Spartina uses a combination of eco-friendly water based inks and stain resistant coatings. Spartina is also known for its use of unique textures, such as luxurious nubuck leather, calf hair and patent leather as well as vibrant colors and patterns. These striking patterns change with the seasons. This fall, we are proud to offer four new timeless and trending patterns:


Get back to the classics with this traditional and timeless houndstooth pattern. Make a dynamic statement with the contrasting color combination.


Mix motifs with this simple yet intricate geometric pattern. Be original and own one of Spartina’s first handbags with patent leather trim.

Mary Lavinia

Embody grace with this extravagant floral pattern, which epitomized Spartina’s signature look.

Bateau Bleu

Be on-trend with this retro-geometric pattern. Add visual depth to any outfit with this unique color combination.

I’ve started my Spartina collection this past spring and can’t wait to add a new fall look in the coming weeks. So this season let’s be chic, be timeless, be trendy and above all, be Accessorizing!

Jeannie Figueiredo | Lifestyle Design & Sales