The Three R’s: Repurpose, Recycle & Reuse

Published by Bucks Country Gardens in Bucks Country Gardens

A fun way to celebrate Earth Day this year is by “repurposing” your unwanted household items and transforming them into something new for your garden. Look around your house…like that chair or dresser that is taking up room in your garage or maybe old windows or even a door that’s been hiding in the shed for years. These are great items to repurpose and reuse in your flowerbeds and gardens to create unique containers or one-of-a-kind structures. It always surprises me what a coat of paint and a little imagination can do. Here are some ideas for designing your own eco-friendly garden art.

Almost anything that is designed to hold something can be made into a garden container; such as an old watering can, rain boots, or even an old fountain that doesn’t work anymore. One of my favorite ideas is to paint an old chair or dresser a vibrant color, and transform it into a dramatic container for your front porch or garden. If you prefer something simple and cute, use old tea cups or coffee mugs. Really, the possibilities are endless…maybe even plant up an old toy truck!

Some other ideas for using salvaged materials are to construct decorative structures or make fun quirky plant markers for the garden. An old screen door or even an old tool can make a charming trellis that vines and plants can grow up. Reuse those old window frames and shutters to make a great backdrop and accent piece for blooming flowers in containers. Keep track of newly planted seeds or plants in the garden by making plant markers out of wooden clothespins, old utensils, or (my personal favorite) wine corks! If you are a do-it-yourself-er and enjoy thinking outside the box, “repurposing” is definitely for you.

Even if you’re not a do-it-yourself or crafty type, there are many repurposed, reused and recycled products available so that you can still do your part for the environment.

Just in time for Earth Day, Bucks Country Gardens has brought in a new line of unusual, functional, and beautiful repurposed items for your house and you. blu marble repurposes liquor, beer, champagne and wine bottles from the casinos, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs along the Las Vegas strip and turns them into useful household items. There are drinking glasses and pendant lights along with serving pieces and vases. Not wanting to leave anything to waste, the smaller fragments are tumbled to resemble sea glass and turned into unique and beautiful jewelry. Try a Jägermeister ring or maybe a Bombay Sapphire necklace. Whatever you choose, it’s all fun and stylish; plus, you’re doing your part to keep it out of the landfill.

To really brighten up your springtime table, try some vibrantly colored recycled glass tableware. Use all the same colors for a monochromatic look or mix it up for a fun-filled and colorful table setting.

Another way to keep your environmental conscience in tact is with Jensen Leisure wood furniture. Jensen uses only FSC (Forest Stewardship CouncilTM) certified Ipe’ and Roble hardwoods in making their furniture. You can be assured that all the wood comes from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. Not too mention, Jensen Leisure creates durable, attractive and timeless furniture that will look great in any outdoor or even indoor application.

Officially, Earth Day may be April 22 but every day can and should be Earth Day!

Becky Jones | Green Goods Manager
Greg Orme | Assistant Lifestyles Manager