This is Our Christmas Story

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It’s hard to believe there’s only 45 days left until Christmas. That’s right, just 45 days. Even harder to believe is that we’ll start planning for Christmas 2015 before this Christmas even gets here!

That’s right! The planning and buying stages for Christmas 2014 began last December. As the Assistant Lifestyles Manager, I travelled with Donna Dentner, Lifestyles Manager, and Tom Hebel, Owner, on a Christmas buying trip to Dallas, Texas. Yes, Texas, not the North Pole as some might think once stepping inside the Christmas Shop at Bucks Country Gardens.

Our annual pilgrimage to Dallas is where all the magic really begins. It really is the perfect time to get started. We are right in the heart of the season, completely in Christmas mode and are armed with all of our customers’ feedback and suggestions. It’s always fun and exciting to figure out next year’s themes. 

Last December, we returned to Bucks Country Gardens super excited for Christmas 2014. It was on this trip that we knew 2014 would just blow everyone away with more decorated trees and themes than ever! We fell in love with “The Lodge” where you’ll find four woodsy and rustic themed trees: Menswear, Frosty, Bird and Monochromatic.

Since the color red is the most popular and predominant color of Christmas, you’ll find it in abundance throughout the store. And we decided to really show it off this year with an area devoted to red featuring three very different trees: Red and Black, Red and Snowy and the classic Red and Emerald. The Red and Emerald is a personal favorite of mine. It reminds me of trips to the department stores in town as a child. Every year, my parents would take my brother and me on the train to Philadelphia to see Santa at Gimbel’s. Next, we’d head to Wanamaker’s for the light show and finally Strawbridge’s for the Dicken’s Village.

Continuing with the nostalgia feeling and classic goodies of Christmas, Old World is just that. For this area we carefully pick each and every hand painted glass ornament so that there is something for everyone. There are also hand painted egg ornaments from Austria, German smokers and of course lots of nutcrackers from Mark Roberts and others. Here you’ll find the Bethany Lowe collection. Bethany’s attention to detail and vintage style particularly shines and simply puts a smile on your face.

If “glitz and bling” are your style, than be sure to check out our ever-popular elegant area where you’ll find all things shimmering. We took the classic carol “Silver and Gold” and put it all over a beautiful 9’ tree. There’s also a beautiful collection of burgundy, gold, platinum and subtle jewel tones to be found. If regal is your decorating style, this is where to look.

You asked for it and we listened! We are thrilled to bring back a Kitchen area with lots of gingerbread houses, cookies, people and even trains. Cozy plaids and burlap along with whimsical dishes round out the collection. This is also where you’ll find fantastic sweet treats.

For our largest tree which is front and center stage, we’re always looking for something truly show stopping. This year, we took the traditional and ever popular red and gold combination and brought it into the 21st century with a touch of black. I also posed a challenge to two of our decorators– Ed, our newest staff member and Kathy, a seasoned veteran –to create something stunning, sophisticated and timeless. They welcomed this design challenge head on! Using ribbon, they “quilted” the tree just like a vintage Chanel handbag. Perfection!

So whatever your style, The Christmas Shop at Bucks Country Gardens is sure to please. And new for 2014: On-site decorating services for both inside and out. Whether you need planters filled with beautiful live greens for your front entry, a specialty themed tree decorated or garlands cascading your stairway, our Design Team is here to help and inspire all of your decorating needs. Stop in and schedule an appointment soon; let us decorate while you enjoy the season with family and friends.

I for one am so thrilled and proud of the Christmas Shop at Bucks Country Gardens this year. I am truly blessed to work with such a talented group of people. Now the real challenge is topping it for 2015. Happy Decorating!

Greg Orme | Assistant Lifestyles Manager

Jeff Reeder | Photography