Tips for Adding Personality to Your Outdoor Furniture

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You’ve purchased the perfect furniture for your patio but it looked so much better in the store. That’s because you’re missing something–your family’s personality. It’s time to accessorize! You wouldn’t simply buy furniture for your family or living room without adding personal touches, so you shouldn’t yet be done with your outdoor room either.

Chances are your furniture’s fabric, such as seat cushions or plush cushions on a sofa, are most likely beige, taupe or grey. However neutral this might be, it provides you with an opportunity to accessorize with a limitless number of color options. I love that it gives me an open palette to work with and update each year, should I choose.

TorchesLet’s start with some easy ways to turn your outdoor space from bleh to brilliant. A simple addition like an outdoor rug will easily and effortlessly define your space, add color and/or pattern and softness underfoot. Add some throw pillows just as you would on your family room sofa. A fun trend for 2016 are poufs made from outdoor-quality fabrics. The kids will love them! Use as an ottoman or even to provide extra seating when entertaining a larger crowd.

You may not think of plants and flowers as accessories in your outdoor space but they certainly can be. Choose pots and containers with colors that compliment your overall palette, vary their heights for visual interest and simply add plants and flowers suited for your sun/shade location. Other functional and decorative items are torches and candles. TablewareNothing ruins an evening outdoors worse than pesky mosquitoes and other pests. Citronella torches and candles are just one more way to layer your outdoor space and are functional, too. Don’t forget lanterns! Lanterns are great home accents, both indoors and out and there are lots of styles to choose from. Consider using flameless candles in your lanterns for worry-free ambiance and illumination of your space.

What about tableware? Don’t want to bring breakable indoor dishes and glassware outside? Melamine, acrylic and tritan are all wonderful choices for outdoor tableware. These materials are virtually unbreakable so there are no worries. Just like your kitchen dishes, the choices are seemingly endless–from faux pottery and wood to delicate floral patterns. Turquoise TablewareDiscover glassware in all sorts of colors and styles. I personally couldn’t imagine not having my tritan wine glasses. This type of plastic is so pliable the glasses would bounce if I dropped them!

So, whatever your style, take it outside and treat that outdoor room just like any other room in your house. Bring it to life and have fun with it, that’s what outdoor spaces should be all about: fun, relaxing, entertaining and smiles!

Greg Orme | Lifestyles