The Sun Is So Exciting!

We are making our own energy! How cool is that? Our almost 600 panel solar field, has six solar arrays facing southwest and is producing energy around the clock. We will produce over half of our energy used here at the store throughout the year. On the bright, sunny days, we make more energy than we can use! We send the remaining energy back onto the grid, where PECO redirects the power into the community, allowing the community to be greener too. Now that is something to be excited about! In addition to saving money, alternative energy from renewable resources like wind, water and sun is the way of the future and the enviornmentally conscience thing to do.


Producing Time Frame: All Day, Everyday!

Kilowatts Generated: 162,000 Hours

Cost to Build: $828,000

Total Panels: 598 Panels

Electricity Produced: 56% of Total Useage; $25,000 anually

Location of System: One acre of BCG Property, Panels face Southwest.

How it works: Light strikes the panels, which is stored into “semiconductors”. These units send the energy from the light to an invertor which inverts the rays of light into an energy, powering our homes and businesses.

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Provided by Moore Energy

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