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Welcome to our magazine ‘Picket Fences’!

A message from Tom Hebel

Welcome to Picket Fences, the Bucks Country Gardens’ lifestyle, gardening and environment magazine. Every issue is filled with lots of articles on conservation, gardening tips, new and exciting plant introductions and fashion trends in home décor and outdoor living.

In Picket Fences, you’ll get to know a little more about the garden center team, our current landscape design/build projects and some of our most interesting clients and customers. A special feature article will highlight one of the many deserving, local, non-profit organizations.

We’re proud of our relationships with the business partners who are represented in the articles and advertisements. Many of them have been with us from our very first year as Bucks Country Gardens in 1993 and some go back even farther to our days as Royer Nurseries. We strongly recommend these folks often and hope you’ll think of them when you are in need of their services.

Bucks Country Gardens is a fiercely loyal, local business and community supporter, and we know that is one of the principles that helps make our hometown such a special place.

We have been a part of your community since 1961 and have been blessed with loyal customers that have helped us grow consistently over the years. We have always been committed to enhancing your shopping experience, improving our personal service and providing great products that make your life more enjoyable. We want you to be successful and will do everything we can to make that happen. At Bucks Country, that begins and ends with our knowledgeable, friendly and courteous team of experienced professionals. Perhaps you know us personally, but if you don’t, we’d like to invite you to experience Bucks Country Gardens. We’ll be the ones with the biggest smiles.

We have published 14 issues since Spring of 2009. We published a Landscape Edition in addition to our regular spring and fall magazines. We are here to provide ideas, tips, services, and a start to a long lasting relationship between professional and customer. Whether we are building a relationship with you directly or helping to build a relationship one of our supported businesses, we have your back.

If you are interested in advertising with Picket Fences, please contact Julie Shea at We will be happy to have you advertise with us and show what a great publication it is.