Why We, at Bucks Country Gardens, Like to Garden

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Working at a garden center, you’d think that we are all sort of passionate about gardening in some shape or form. And, you’re right! We are more than just garden center employees. We are passionate about the work we do! Some of us like to garden because it is deeply rooted in our family trees and others simply because it’s therapeutic. Here are the top reasons that we, at Bucks Country Gardens, like to garden.

Tom Hebel II

Tom Hebel – President
“Most of my “gardening” is with annual flowers and the main reason would be I love color. Color brings my gardens to life, adding another emotional dimension for me.
I also like to see things grow and develop through the seasons. Change in the garden is a great thing!”


Adriene Vesci – Graphic Designer & Advertising Coordinator
“Gardening for me is being creative, working with my hands, watching things grow, making my property look more inviting, being a part of the earth, and getting my kids involved. Growing fresh food is a cultural thing for me—my parents, grandparents, and everyone in the Italian neighborhood I lived in as a kid, all grew veggie gardens.”



Don Lee – Nursery Sales
“Everything always tastes better when you grow it yourself.”



Amy Sanchez-Hamilton – Landscape Design & Sales
“I garden for self-sufficiency, to help wildlife and the environment, and therapy. Oh, and because it’s pretty!”

Geoff Simpson


Geoff Simpson – Landscape Manager
“I started out gardening with my dad when I was 6 years old and got the bug for it!”



Jessie Tanski – Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator
“I garden because of my love for cooking. I use fresh herbs in just about every recipe. It’s cheaper to grow my own than buy fresh herbs every week at the grocery store!”



Darryl Richard – Garden Center Manager
“It’s a great feeling to walk into your own gardens and pick everything you need for a fresh salad.”



Dustin Kratochwill – Customer Service & Website Design
“Simply put, I garden because it’s fun. I love growing vegetables, planting flowers, and trying new things every season. There’s always something to do in the garden and the more time I get to spend outdoors enjoying the warmth and sunshine, the better!”


David Jones – Horticulturist, Arborist, & Customer Service Specialist
“I find it very relaxing and therapeutic. It helps me to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the beauty within my garden. I also love to play in the dirt!”



Ed Briel – Merchandising & Sales
“I garden because of the love and passion that my family has for gardening. It has been passed down to me from my uncle and mother.”


Nancy McIlvaine – Hardgoods Manager
“I love to garden! Vegetable gardening is very satisfying when you reap the rewards from what you planted. You get to plant it, watch it grow, and then gain the reward. The way you garden, for example in containers, resembles the way you want things to look, just like painting your own picture. Accomplished, satisfied and just to simply enjoy the way things look when you’re done. I love the challenge to each area.”

Donna Dentner – Lifestyle Manager
“I enjoy gardening because it is relaxing. It is an activity that my husband and I can do together. Each year we plan a new and different design for our window boxes and it becomes a little bit of a competition. It lets us use our creative juices!”

So now that you know why we garden, let’s hand the shovels over to you, We want to know, why do you garden?!

Jessie Tanski | Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator