Winterize to Win

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While fall is in full swing with Mother Nature’s colorful beauty, pumpkin spice everything, and football games, winter is just around the corner. With winter, comes pretty blankets of white snow, cozy crackling fires with hot chocolate, and the jolly cheer of the holidays. With that being said, we cannot forget about our garden beds, lawns, and landscape. It is important that we prepare them for winter, just as we get out the snow shovels and fire wood. If you’re not sure where to start winterizing your landscape, keep reading… we are here to help!



Espoma Tree ToneEspoma WinterizerKeep your lawn strong even in the dead of winter by applying Espoma’s Organic Lawn Winterizer to cool season grasses. This helps provide grass with necessary nutrients during the fall and winter months. Even though your lawn may look like it has stopped growing, the roots will continue to draw nutrients out of the ground up until the ground freezes. This product is a slow-release formula, which is designed to help your lawn survive the harsh winters and promote thicker, healthier grass come spring.

Use Espoma’s Tree-Tone to help your trees bolster their bark! The natural organics in Tree-tone break down gradually to provide a safe, long lasting nutrient reservoir to feed the entire tree: leaves, trunk, and roots. Apply in the fall and again in the spring for more lush trees and shrubs!





Wilt Stop is a natural nontoxic product derived from the resin of pine trees. The natural film protects plants from the harsh winter winds and cold air. Spray in the late fall when temperatures are above freezing. Our experts recommend two applications: one in fall and one in winter.



Ever go out in the morning and notice that all of the leaves and bottom branches are missing from your favorite shrub? Well, we have a few products to help with those hungry deer.

Deer Scramliquid-fenceLiquid Fence is a scent deterrent. Deer and other critters are repelled just by the smell so they won’t turn their noses to your roses! The spray should be applied once when the plants are dry, a week later and then monthly applications should continue.

If you’re not a fan of sprays, try a granular formula, Deer Scram, and protect your flowerbeds for up to 100 days. Deer Scam is organic and long lasting, even during snow and rain accumulation.

Burlap Covered ShrubDeer Netting, a lightweight plastic covering, is also available and a great option if you prefer a non-chemical treatment.

As the weather begins to dramatically cool, wrap your plants in either burlap (available in assorted sizes) or a shrub jacket (available on a roll in various sizes) to protect against deer browse. These products will also help with the damage caused by road salt, frost and frigid temperatures.



While some of these products may seem a bit confusing, or the process may be daunting, or you may not be a DIY-er, do not panic! At Bucks Country Gardens, we are here to help.

Our landscape experts will come to your home, evaluate the winter problems that may affect you and apply these products in the proper manner.  We generally start winterizing applications and projects around Thanksgiving when the temperatures are about 40 degrees. Of course, the start date is weather dependent.

Putting in extra work now will pay off come spring. You will reap the benefits of lusher trees, fuller shrubs, greener lawns, and prettier perennials. Any combination of these DIY products above can be found at Bucks Country Gardens. Or, if you’re not sure where to start, give us a call. We can do the work for you, or we can guide you through the process. Either way, it’s extremely important to winterize your landscape, it will thank you in the spring- trust me!

Contact us today at 215.766.7800 for a FREE site consultation by one of our landscape designers, and get your landscape winterized before it’s too late!

Jessie Tanski  | BCG Blogger